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Home Visits – How do you know your employees are safe?

While working with a number of customers over the past few weeks we have unlocked lone worker functionality in our software that really assists with the knowledge of knowing where and when employees are moving into potentially dangerous situations. I remember many years ago my sister was working as a lone worker in community care in Dubbo where there were a number of very dangerous situations, my sister was simply trying to do her job to the best of her ability. My sisters employer actually did not know which home Michelle was visiting as Michelle could go out for 4 hours and go to multiple homes in one day based on incoming calls. I remember some of the stories where Michelle found herself in volatile situations. As a lone worker Michelle could only share information with the office after the fact.

While some systems exist for known dangerous situations for employees that can be quite costly what do you do when your employees may find themselves unexpectedly in a potentially dangerous situation.

Imagine if on arrival to a location you could register where you are with a GPS pin on a map and also nominate a level of risk that you feel about the visit. For example Low risk, Medium risk and High risk. You could also advise how many minutes the visit was going to go for, for example 30 minutes. Imagine if you had not signed out safe at 31 minutes, What if your office could be pinged a message to say you had not yet left the location? We could set up a trigger to fire at 31 minutes sending a message to the nominated person this issue would be escalated to.

Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_1 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_2 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_3Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_4Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_5Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_6

Imagine if your employer was sent a message immediately to notify that you were going into a high risk situation. Imagine seeing all of your staff on a map with GPS allowing you to know how long each employee had been at the current location.

You can also turn on functionality to track the employee live from one location to another as they move around if this is required in your business.

This customer in community care wants to improve the current systems where currently there is no notification back at the office on the movements of the staff during the day until they return or a situation occurs.

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Tracking licences, qualifications and certification compliance

We do not have a day go by now where a customer is asking about tracking some sort of license, qualification or certification. Whosonlocation visitor,, contractor management software makes it really easy to manage licenses, qualifications and certifications. There are many systems on the market today to help manage licenses qualifications and certifications however very few connect the expiry of the licence, qualification or certification to the person attending a location.

Some really common examples to share that we hear are still tracked manually include….

  1. Tracking working with children qualification expiry dates for contractors and volunteers into a school
  2. Tracking drivers licence for workers who need a drivers license as part of their daily working routine
  3. Tracking first-aid  expiry dates to make sure that all the first aiders our current.
  4. Tracking the exploration of a forklift license

Imagine a world where licenses, qualifications, certifications and inductions were managed electronically!! How much would this help you


I remember writing about qualifications over one year ago when one of our corporate customers who was using our visitor management software at head office explained the situation where there were thousands of certifications that needed to be tracked. These certifications were tracked manually in the spreadsheet. You can read the story here.

The receptionist in this story got a promotion and moved out of the reception position after introducing the electronic tracking of the certifications.

Do you need compliance in your business? Sign up for a 30 day trial ….

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Visitor contractor induction compliance for aged care – How can this help you?

Aged care facilities have really taken off over the past 6 months where interest is very strong to replace archaic manual time consuming systems to manage visitors and contractors including inductions and insurances that are set up in a very decentralized way.  Many hours are wasted every week trying to maintain a manual visitor management system that in many cases also includes contractor management.

Recent discussions with Aged care facilities included not only discussions about visitors and contractors and the compliance of these people attending the location but has also included discussions about residents presence on site including many questions around the resident signing out there presence when they leave location for a true evacuation report.

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

A lot of what Aged Care requires is very similar to hospitals who are using WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor & Induction Management software like RPA, Concord Hospital, Liverpool Hospital, Canterbury Hospital,  Gold Coast Private Hospital and more, hospitals have a strong need to manage contractors and the compliance of the contractors including inductions as well as keys and access control cards.

How can Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management software help aged care facilities?

Visitors – having visitors sign in and out their presence on site gives you an instant electronic record of who has been on location. At the same time a visitor signs in there presence you can set a short induction explaining your expectations of the visitors while on site, for example no smoking.

Contractors – need to sign in and out there presence on site, need compliance completed in the way of insurances and qualifications as well as inductions. Induction_Expired

Employees – Can also sign in and out there presence on and off site if not already signing into a time and attendance system like Kronos or Deputy. Time and attendance data could be integrated into the visitor, contractor management software.

Residents – we are being asked a lot about the residents signing out there presence when they leave and signing in again when they return, every one I have spoken to is doing this now in a manual book and likes the idea of having this data electronic and more readily available.

What Visitor Contractor Modules could help Aged Care and why?

Visitor Management Module – will allow for the electronic reporting on visitors who have visited your location. Visitors can include family of residents as well as regular visitors

Contractor Management Module – will help you centralize insurance details, qualifications and inductions for your suppliers, even more powerful when you have multiple locations.

Asset Management – throw out the manual paper key management book and use this module to manage the issuance of any item you give to a person you expect to be returned.

Evacuation Management – give your fire wardens the control they need in the event of an emergency, this module is designed for fire wardens.

Induction Management – build employee and contractor inductions online for people to complete away from the location or onsite when they arrive.

Contractor Portal – Give your suppliers access so they can complete the pre-qualification process including upload insurances and workers for you – Admin staff will love this module

There is so much more the software can do to assist you at your location – Register for a demonstration to see more book a demo - Agec care contractor management


All this research got me thinking about how I could assist my mother in the future so I dug a little deeper for some great links that will help you if you are looking for an aged care facility for your parents or family members.

Aged Care providers include Hardi Aged Care, Adventist Aged Care, Amana Living, ACSSAG Japara Healthcare, Baptist care NSW & ACT, BlueCross, Bupa Aged care, Churches of Christ Care, Freedom Aged Care, Hall & Prior Aged Care, Juniper, Opal Aged Care, Regis Aged Care, Souther Cross Care and hundreds more

You can check on vacancies with this great website –

You can also see a list of Aged Care providers here  –



Induction Compliance – How can I get employees and contractors to complete inductions?

We have written about this subject a lot over the past 8 years. It is now easier than ever before to have employees and contractors complete inductions for compliance. Historically and still today inductions are completed on paper, that is you sit down at a desk and complete the induction handed to you by reading the content and completing the questions connected to the information you have read and then you do it all again in 11 months time as the renewals start to occur.

A recent collection of over 40 schools shared how they complete over 4000 manual inductions every year while many customers in a wide range of industries share the time & resources allocated to managing the induction process with us each week.

How much time would you save if the inductions could be completed online without your presence?

What are the three ways an employee or contractor can complete an induction?

  1. Send an email – complete the induction online on or off site by completing the induction with your email address
  2. Set up a contractor kiosk – Set up a dedicated induction kiosk that will allow a contractor or employee to complete the induction at a PC onsite.
  3. Send a text message – allowing the induction to be completed by smart device.

Which method is best for your location?

I will details some examples below of how companies use the induction module now. Often the method can be determined by the way the induction is built and the length of time it takes to complete You can read more about how long an induction should be here

Royal Prince Alfred hospital – selected Time & People to implement the induction module to replace an existing system in place not connected with the sign in and sign out process. Connecting the induction with the sign in and sign out process on site gave added functionality of non compliance triggers being fired should a person sign in and the induction had expired. RPA had existing dedicated computers available for the contractor to sit down and complete the induction before signing in.

Gateway Motorway – had to save time on the induction process, when first making the inquiry 3-4 years ago one of the main goals was to give back some time to operational staff who were spending 50 percent of the working week taking people through manual inductions. Along came online inductions and dozens of hours saved monthly with all inductions that can be completed off site completed before the contractor arrives on site.

Mobile phone inductions simply give you more flexibility when a person turns up and has not completed the online induction you asked them to complete, while standing there you can send an invite to the smart phone for the induction to be completed on the phone before they commence work.

You are in full control – are you ready to save time with your current induction process?

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McCormack Foods expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software into Gourmet Garden location on Sunshine Coast

McCormack Foods first started using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software to manage visitors and contractors in Melbourne in 2016. Quickly expanding to multiple locations. The purchase of Gourmet Garden in 2016 by McCormack Foods added another location that needed to also include the Visitor Contractor Management software. Expanding the software out to multiple locations provides centralised compliance data on visitors and contractors that can be viewed locally at the location or globally across the country or the globe.

There will not be to many kitchens that do not have a McCormack Foods product in the cupboard. I know my cupboard has many McCormack Foods products.

Gourmet Garden is based on the Sunshine Coast of QLD and is one of the fastest developing areas of Australia. I found a recent article that referred to the growth…

The Sunshine Coast is one of the largest and fastest growing regional economies in Australia, with business opportunities emerging in every industry, especially food and agribusiness.

On the Sunshine Coast, food and agribusiness is a $670 million industry with a wide range of outputs, from seafood and strawberries to plant nurseries and dairy. The region is a foodie’s haven, with over 400 food tourism operators and an abundance of annual food festivals drawing visitors from across the world.

One of Australia’s leading demographers, Bernard Salt, has tipped the region’s population to grow from about 350,000 today to about 550,000 by 2040. Currently the greater Sunshine Coast region has a catchment of around 800,000 people, with strong population growth predicted.

According to Salt, the Sunshine Coast is being ‘activated’ by investments in infrastructure like an expanded airport, which will see it become as connected to Asian markets as it is to the rest of the country.

The agribusiness industry is one of the seven high value industries that is playing a pivotal role in building and shaping the Sunshine Coast economy.


The Victorian Government through the Level Crossing Removal Authority select Time & People to implement WhosOnLocation Visitor, contractor and Inudction Management software

Over the next eight years the The Victorian Government through the Level Crossing Removal Authority will oversee the removal of 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne. This process involves thousands of people over many years who will all visit the Rail Training Centre in Melbourne Victoria.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority selected Time & People to implement WhosOnLocation Visitor, contractor and Induction Management software to make sure every person on site is compliant and informed with the latest compliance information. The Level Crossing Removal Authority works with suppliers to upskill workers to complete the removal of the 50 level crossings. Each person entering the Rail Training Centre needs to be inducted prior to attending any training courses in preparation for the work at each location. Induction expiry dates and renewals will all be managed by WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor and Induction management software.

The Victorian Government allocated $2.4 billion in its 2015-16 budget to remove at least 20 level crossings by 2018. These sites form the basis of a long-term strategic plan being developed to remove all 50 level crossings by 2022.

Construction has already commenced on several sites, and planning and early consultation is underway for the delivery of the entire project.

Need to complete inductions at your location – Book in for a 50 minute demonstration.

Blue Star Group expand Visitor Management system to more locations with Time & People

Blue Star group continue to expand the WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor management system across more locations. Hilary shared the following feedback from the Henderson location in Auckland. We asked Hilary a few simple questions to get an understanding of how WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software has assisted her location.

How has WhosOnLocation assisted you in your business?

WhosOnLocation is a great way to keep track of who comes onto our premises. I know how long they have stayed and how often they visit. It enables us to keep track of what companies the visitors are from, their phone numbers (just in case we need to contact them again) and who they visited. The contractor software is invaluable.

How has WhosOnLocation assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?

WhosOnLocation enables us to warn contractors and visitors of the hazards and requirements of coming onto our site so it is a time saving cost of using staff. Once they have been inducted you can add selected hazards to their logins to it to remind them what to aware of and that they have to acknowledge that they have read it. I can print off reports on who needs to be inducted again and when, what their phones numbers are, emails and have they signed a contractor’s agreement. I can keep track of the swipe cards and if they go missing I can look back on the records. It is easier, saves time and environmentally friendly.

What do you like most about WhosOnLocation?

The ease of use, back up help when needed and how useful it is for Health & Safety. You have proof of inductions, contractor training, hazards warnings and insurances at your fingertips and all stored in one area. How the system recognises that the contractor needs to be reminded again (yearly) of the hazards onsite and puts them automatically through it again. No having to make notes to remind you to do it manually. Also how you can put people on hold when you need to (don’t want them sneaking in when there inductions have expired).

What do you like least about WhosOnLocation?

The contractors grumbling when they have to go through the hazards warnings again until I remind them that it has been a year since they last did it!

What do you get with a visitor management system?

I was compelled to write this article after I saw a number visitor management software solutions offering so many additional charges from the initial charge that the cost of the solution became extreme, but some or many of the additional costs were hidden.

It is a great question, what do you get with the visitor management system and how much do you pay for that?

This is what I saw on a competitors website…..


  • Additional terminals for the same site: $44.99
  • Make it your own – remove vendor logo: $15
  • Active Directory integration: $15

You should not have to pay these excessive fees


We have customers with 10 terminals or visitor kiosks around a single location, I was at a hospital recently who added three more sign in kiosks taking the total number to 7, with the pricing above you could pay $300 or $400 a month per location just for additional kiosks.

Here at Time & People the visitor management pricing is very simple.

  • Every module is included no matter which plan you’re on. You do not need to pay more for the software at your location when you expand the system, you can add as many additional visitor management kiosks at your location as you need this does not change the cost of the software.
  • For example  you could add the contractor management module  because you need this module at your location to manage contractors.  There is no additional cost to add this module in our software  every module is included  in every plan.
  • We don’t think it’s right that small locations are not given access to all of the functionality we also don’t think it’s right that large locations  who need all the functionality should pay more.

So what do you get with the visitor management system?

You should get what you need. You should not have to pay more when you need more functionality, this should all be included. I have heard customers tell me how they have been trialing five or six or even seven  visitor management software solutions, the customers have also shared how difficult it is  to remember which one is which and how difficult it is to understand what is included and what is not included in the price. Our answer to this question has always been the same  every module is included  in the software no matter which plan you’re on,  small businesses, medium sized businesses and large businesses all get to use all of the functionality that’s in our software.

The best way to compare products is to organise a demonstration and during the demonstration make sure you ask the presenter to share with you where additional costs are included. A demonstration will also give you access to all of the functionality that is available in the software something that you may miss if you decide to take on five or six trials yourself.

book in a demonstration with me to compare

Recent customers include…..

ALS Global Camden_council_logo DownerTNT fletcher_building_logo toll_group_logo

Book in a demonstration to find out why

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Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software into another location – Danebank College

Time & People over the past couple of years have made significant contributions to the school and college community with hundreds schools, colleges and universities all using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software.

Many have started with one location before expanding out to additional locations connected to the school or additional schools connected to the group of schools or colleges.

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation had the first school go live with WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software at Thomas Hassle Anglican College at Middleton Grange in NSW. Over the past few months Shellharbour Anglican College, Nowra Anglican College and St Lukes Grammer have all come on board moving away from manual visitor and contractor books. The most recent college for Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation is Danebank College also looking to move away from manual visitor and contractor management.

Danebank like many schools and colleges also saw the benefits of the Assets Module where keys and any other asset are currently managed through notebooks or spreadsheets manually. Moving to an electronic register of assets like keys centralises all of the information from one or more key issuers.

Other schools and colleges to recently move to electronic visitor and/or contractor management include…

Wilderness School – South Australia
Knox Grammer School – NSW
Montessori School – Canberra
St Marks Catholic College NSW
Ravenswood School – Gordon NSW
Banora Point Primary School – Banora Point NSW
Sacred Heart College – WA
Rosebank College – Rosebank NSW
All Saints Anglican College QLD
Brigidine College – St Ives NSW


Start a 30 day trial at your location

Phillip Island Nature Park selects Time & People to provide Visitor Contractor Management system for compliance

Phillip Island Nature Reserve is a complex group of locations spread across Phillip Island near Melbourne Victoria. With approximately 230 employees, tens of thousands of visitors to attractions and hundreds of contractors every week the need for a comprehensive system to manage the presence of people on site was very high. When first contacted by Tracey the biggest issue was everything was manual and Tracey wanted to replace manual contractor management sign in and sign out sheets that included manual inductions with manual recording of expiry dates to remove wasted hours every week manually managing the manual data collected.

Manual processes often have issues when it comes to compliance, it is easy for a non compliant person to fall through a manual system.


More about Phillip Island Nature Parks….

Phillip Island Nature Park (PINP) is a conservation park located on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Created in 1996, the park is owned by the Victorian State Government, however it is a self-funding commercial attraction for the purpose of animal conservation and research.

Located 1.5 hours drive south of Melbourne, PINP covers several separate areas over 1805 hectares. The parks include Pyramid Rock, Rhyll Inlet, Seal Rocks, and Cape Woolamai, with specific viewing and attraction areas that include the Nobbies Centre (seals, dolphins, and shark viewing), the Penguin Parade (little penguins coming ashore at dusk), Koala Conservation Centre, and the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade is the only commercial venue in the world where you can see penguins in their own environment.

The Koala Conservation Centre is dedicated to koala research and conservation and allows the opportunity to view koalas in their natural habitat on treetop boardwalks.

Much of the park lies within the Phillip Island Important Bird Area, so identified by BirdLife International because of its importance in supporting significant populations of little penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Pacific gulls.


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