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Time & People will show WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software at the Safety in Action Melbourne Trade Show & Safety Conference – 5-6 September

Safety in Action Melbourne Trade
Show & Safety Conference

Tuesday 5 September
10am – 6pm
Wednesday 6 September
10am – 4pm

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Stand No.: F4

Ask for Peter Morrissey and mention this blog to get included onsite training.

Company Profile:
Time & People provide compliance management software to assist companies manage the Compliance & Safety of visitors – contractors and employees across your location/s. Modules include – visitor – contractor – induction – qualifications – key management – evacuation and much more. Come to the stand for a live demonstration.

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George Weston Foods expand WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor, Induction management to Tip Top Charmhaven

George Weston Foods originally started using WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management software on several AB Mauri locations in 2015, now called Mauri ANZ. This week the Tip Top brand from George Weston Foods has selected WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software starting with the Charmhaven location on the central coast of NSW.

Key for the selection of WhosOnLocation was not only the ability to assist with the presence on site of visitors and contractors but also the need for a detailed induction management module allowing for inductions to be built and managed by Tip Top staff. Inductions are required for all visitors and contractors upon entering the location.

Tip Top produce 7.8 million loaves of bread every week and 338,000 cake pieces. Famous brands include Sunblest, 9 Grain, English Muffins and Golden Crumpets. George Weston Foods also own Don KRC and Jasol.

This is a full circle story for myself after working for Tip Top many years ago including at the Gateshead location near Newcastle in 1989 when the Newcastle Earthquake struck on December 28. I also as a 16 year old worked for my father at Kelly Bakery in Orange. The picture below is after an oven break down and repair where over 72 hours all the trays of the bread oven had to be removed and the chain replaced.


I was also lucky enough to be involved in the invention of the square crumpet through Golden Crumpets in Newcastle at Broadmeadow

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Byrnecut Group expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software to Pinjarra location

Byrnecut is an internationally renowed specialist underground mining contractor offering a unique range of services and depth of experience.

After initially setting up WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software to manage the reception area at head office with around 250 employees Byrnecut last week added another location with around 30 employees. the new location also has manufacturing on site and also requires inductions

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What is wrong with background checks when using visitor management software?

What is wrong with background checks when using visitor management software?

Background checks have become increasingly popular with visitor management software. Most prominent over the past 5 years has been the option to use software that will check a sex offenders list when every person signs into your location. In 2012 there were approximately 747,000 sex offenders in USA. How good would that be if you could check the name of the visitor signing in against the list of 747,000 names and stop known sex offenders from entering your school.

What is wrong with this scenario?

when a person signs into a visitor management kiosk they must answer any questions presented as part of the sign in process, imagine how many questions you would need to ask to narrow down to make a match of one person on a list of 747,000 names. Should we ask a person signing in on a visitor kiosk there birth date? Would you be happy giving your birth date to sign into a building? An easy way around asking for a birth date is to  ask fro a drivers licence to be scanned and then you can get a birth date without asking for a birth date.

How many of the 747,000 registered sex offenders in USA would give up their drivers licence to enter a building? How many would say I don’t have a drivers licence? There is nothing wrong with not having a drivers licence.

So here is the real problem…

A known sex offender walking into a building that asks for a drivers licence can say “I do not have a drivers licence” Who is going to argue with that…now the registered sex offender must enter his name into the visitor management kiosk, lets say his name is James Smith (made up name) the first thing that will happen is the name James Smith will be checked against 747,000 registered sex offenders and what if there are 2 people on the registered sex offenders list called James Smith? More importantly what if the person standing in front of you is not one of those 2 registered sex offenders….you can start to see how this can get very difficult. Often it will be an admin or reception staff member who will have to deal with this situation.

Now Sally (the receptionist) must tell James Smith standing in front of her as the signed in visitor that he has just been flagged on a sex offenders list…BUT Sally does not know if this is correct or not, Sally only knows that James Smith signed in and the registered sex offenders list with 747,000 names on it in 2012 has 2 James Smith on the list…..very awkward for the receptionist Sally

Watch lists will work exactly the same, the issue is if you create a watch list for a name James Smith because you want to exclude James Smith from coming into your building for what ever reason then you need to build more of a profile than just the name of the person. For example what if you knew the persons email address, that would be good now you can add an email address to the profile of James Smith. Problem is now you need to ask every person signing in to enter their email address so you can manage your watch list of a couple of names, this is certainly mass inconvenience for the majority for a couple of people.

What is another solution?  What is a better answer?

The reality is when a visitor signs in they are always hosted, rarely today visitors can walk freely around a location, if you think you could have issues at your location it may be easier, less intrusive and more personal to host every visitor on site :)

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Key register management with Visitor Management software

Key management? if you manage keys you know what this is about. Have you ever heard “who had the key last” or “where is the key” or “I cant read what is written on the key register, I don’t know who has the master warehouse key” or “when is the key due back”

All of these problems disappear as soon as you have access to an electronic key register as part of your visitor management software. You can actually manage any item you issue that you expect to be returned including radios, projectors, access control cards and much more.

Do you issue assets likes keys and access control cards to visitor and contractors?

gold coast private hospitalGold Coast Private Hospital Managing over 1000 assets including keys

Christ Church                       Oxford University UK managing over 1000 assets including keys

NSW_Health                             Multiple hospitals across NSW including Royal Prince Alfred, Concord Repatriation, Liverpool Hospital managing assets including keys


asset1 - list of assets recently issued

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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management – new features

The list of new features over the past 6 months is now amazingly long and over the past 8 years continues to see WhosOnLocation as a leader globally in the management of people presence in your building/s. Visitor Management in many instances is called upon when a building initially wants to replace a visitor book. Unknown to the management team of each building that looks to replace the visitor book is the depth of what can be done with Visitor Management software today.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software includes key modules that allow a company to manage much more than replacing the visitor books.

Visitor Management – replace your visitor management books
Pre Register visitors in advance – using your outlook or google calendar
Evacuation Management – Give your fire wardens the tools they can use
Contractor Management – Manage your suppliers from on-boarding to compliance including insurances, qualifications and more.
Asset Management – many buildings need to manage assets they issue to people and expect to be returned like keys
Photo ID cards – produce photo ID cards for employees and contractors that can be used to tap in and tap out your presence in one or across many buildings nationally or globally
Induction Management – Set up and manage unlimited online inductions for your employees and contractors.
Reports – What many companies want and need to manage the big data collected from thousands of transactions in your building/s

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Printing Photo ID Cards for employee & Contractors

WhosOnLocation visitor, contractor and induction management software is a database of all your employees and contractors as well as visitors to your location. Customers ask can we allow employees and contractors to sign in quickly, especially the regular contractors. The answer has always been yes, we can assign a token barcode or chipped card against the profile of the employee or contractor so they can tap in and tap out.

Now we can build a Photo ID card template in WhosOnLocation allowing you to build a templatge to print plastic Photo ID Cards. Once printed the card can be used to identify the employee or contractor as well as allow them to scan in and out at any self serve kiosk connected to the account globally.

Photo ID card printing Template
WhosOnLocation gives you the ability to build an ID card template so you can print plastic Photo ID cards for your employees and contractors. Information in the database is used to populate the Photo ID card including
  • Company Logo
  • Person”s name
  • Persons Photo
  • Name of their organisation
  • Token ID Number
  • Date Token issued
  • Date Token expires
  • Barcode (for scanning in and out)
  • QR Code ( for scanning in and out)
  • Tag Name

There are two hardware requirements to print ID Cards, the correct cards to print on and a compatible printer.


CR80 Cards

We have made our ID Cards available to be printed on the most common sized ID Cards used world-wide, CR80cards. The dimensions for this card size are 2.13″ x 3.38″ (54mm x 86mm), the size of a standard credit card.

CR80 Cards are plastic or PVC cards which are used to create permanent or semi-permanent ID Cards.

Compatible Printers

Because the CR80 card is so commonly used, it is compatible with most ID Card Printers. These printers are different from the standard label printer used to print paper badge passes for visitors and service providers.

ID Card printers print on plastic or PVC cards and often have the ability to print in color. If you’re not sure whether your printer can print on CR80 cards, we recommend contacting your hardware vendor or looking up the specifications online.

You can print one or many ID cards for your employees and contractors

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New OHS Regulations commence June 18 – How do they affect you?

Worksafe Victoria recently posted details about the changes coming into effect in 2017.  For the most part details are unchanged however in a couple of key areas where compliance needs to be elevated the changes are significant. The New Zealand Government earlier introduced significant changes also at the beginning of 2017.

What has changed in Victoria?

OHS Regulations changes

The new OHS Regulations 2017 are mainly the same. However, if you are in a workplace where asbestos is present; are a manufacturer or an importing supplier of hazardous substances or agricultural and veterinary chemicals; work in construction; or operate a mine or major hazard facility, you need to become aware of the changes. In most cases, compliance is required by 18 June 2017.

Most importantly, the new OHS Regulations 2017 maintain Victoria’s already high safety standards. In some high risk areas, like asbestos removal work, they improve standards. The changes also deliver significant savings to Victorian businesses in the areas of high risk work licensing and record keeping for designers and manufacturers of plant.

For some changes, transitional arrangements apply to allow duty and licence holders time to become compliant with the updated regulatory requirements.

If you are affected by the changes, WorkSafe has prepared a range of information and support resources to help you identify what to do to stay compliant when the changes take effect on 18 June 2017, available through the links below.

The Regulations have been renumbered with consecutive numbers, in line with the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel’s guidance on the preparation of statutory rules. Reconciliation tables are available through the links below to help you quickly compare the numbering between the 2007 Regulations and the 2017 Regulations.

Support information

A range of information and support resources for the new OHS and EPS Regulations 2017 are available on this page.

For further information contact the WorkSafe Victoria Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or at

If you need to improve the compliance of people entering your locations please book in a 15 minute call to discuss – Book in a 15 minute call



Home Visits – How do you know your employees are safe?

While working with a number of customers over the past few weeks we have unlocked lone worker functionality in our software that really assists with the knowledge of knowing where and when employees are moving into potentially dangerous situations. I remember many years ago my sister was working as a lone worker in community care in Dubbo where there were a number of very dangerous situations, my sister was simply trying to do her job to the best of her ability. My sisters employer actually did not know which home Michelle was visiting as Michelle could go out for 4 hours and go to multiple homes in one day based on incoming calls. I remember some of the stories where Michelle found herself in volatile situations. As a lone worker Michelle could only share information with the office after the fact.

While some systems exist for known dangerous situations for employees that can be quite costly what do you do when your employees may find themselves unexpectedly in a potentially dangerous situation.

Imagine if on arrival to a location you could register where you are with a GPS pin on a map and also nominate a level of risk that you feel about the visit. For example Low risk, Medium risk and High risk. You could also advise how many minutes the visit was going to go for, for example 30 minutes. Imagine if you had not signed out safe at 31 minutes, What if your office could be pinged a message to say you had not yet left the location? We could set up a trigger to fire at 31 minutes sending a message to the nominated person this issue would be escalated to.

Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_1 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_2 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_3Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_4Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_5Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_6

Imagine if your employer was sent a message immediately to notify that you were going into a high risk situation. Imagine seeing all of your staff on a map with GPS allowing you to know how long each employee had been at the current location.

You can also turn on functionality to track the employee live from one location to another as they move around if this is required in your business.

This customer in community care wants to improve the current systems where currently there is no notification back at the office on the movements of the staff during the day until they return or a situation occurs.

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