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Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software into another location – Danebank College

Time & People over the past couple of years have made significant contributions to the school and college community with hundreds schools, colleges and universities all using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software.

Many have started with one location before expanding out to additional locations connected to the school or additional schools connected to the group of schools or colleges.

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation had the first school go live with WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software at Thomas Hassle Anglican College at Middleton Grange in NSW. Over the past few months Shellharbour Anglican College, Nowra Anglican College and St Lukes Grammer have all come on board moving away from manual visitor and contractor books. The most recent college for Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation is Danebank College also looking to move away from manual visitor and contractor management.

Danebank like many schools and colleges also saw the benefits of the Assets Module where keys and any other asset are currently managed through notebooks or spreadsheets manually. Moving to an electronic register of assets like keys centralises all of the information from one or more key issuers.

Other schools and colleges to recently move to electronic visitor and/or contractor management include…

Wilderness School – South Australia
Knox Grammer School – NSW
Montessori School – Canberra
St Marks Catholic College NSW
Ravenswood School – Gordon NSW
Banora Point Primary School – Banora Point NSW
Sacred Heart College – WA
Rosebank College – Rosebank NSW
All Saints Anglican College QLD
Brigidine College – St Ives NSW


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Phillip Island Nature Park selects Time & People to provide Visitor Contractor Management system for compliance

Phillip Island Nature Reserve is a complex group of locations spread across Phillip Island near Melbourne Victoria. With approximately 230 employees, tens of thousands of visitors to attractions and hundreds of contractors every week the need for a comprehensive system to manage the presence of people on site was very high. When first contacted by Tracey the biggest issue was everything was manual and Tracey wanted to replace manual contractor management sign in and sign out sheets that included manual inductions with manual recording of expiry dates to remove wasted hours every week manually managing the manual data collected.

Manual processes often have issues when it comes to compliance, it is easy for a non compliant person to fall through a manual system.


More about Phillip Island Nature Parks….

Phillip Island Nature Park (PINP) is a conservation park located on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Created in 1996, the park is owned by the Victorian State Government, however it is a self-funding commercial attraction for the purpose of animal conservation and research.

Located 1.5 hours drive south of Melbourne, PINP covers several separate areas over 1805 hectares. The parks include Pyramid Rock, Rhyll Inlet, Seal Rocks, and Cape Woolamai, with specific viewing and attraction areas that include the Nobbies Centre (seals, dolphins, and shark viewing), the Penguin Parade (little penguins coming ashore at dusk), Koala Conservation Centre, and the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade is the only commercial venue in the world where you can see penguins in their own environment.

The Koala Conservation Centre is dedicated to koala research and conservation and allows the opportunity to view koalas in their natural habitat on treetop boardwalks.

Much of the park lies within the Phillip Island Important Bird Area, so identified by BirdLife International because of its importance in supporting significant populations of little penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Pacific gulls.


SLHD expand Visitor Contractor Management system to include Concord Hospital

After a very successful implementation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at Camperdown NSW by Time & People Pty Ltd Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) have added Concord Hospital to the centralised Visitor, Contractor and Induction management system.  SLHD had an existing visitor contractor management software solution that was causing issues in a number of areas. Next hospital on the list is Sydney Dental.

SLHD needed a better way to centralise contractor information across multiple locations including inductions. SLHD also took advantage of the insurance module to list copies of suppliers insurance policies. With insurance policies in the software when a contractor signs in the dates of the insurance policies are instantly checked to confirm the insurance is valid.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) comprises 5 major hospitals in Sydney NSW.

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital tick
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital tick
  • Canterbury Hospital
  • Sydney Dental Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital


SLHD made contact earlier this year with a number of issues with an existing system that had been in place for almost 2 years. Time & People were called in to discuss the issues and provide a more robust centralised solution to the Engineering Departments at each hospital responsible for the management of all contractors on site.

The system had to drive contractor compliance.

The Engineering departments are managed centrally from RPA by Nik and his team with engineering teams at each hospital.

Initially implementing at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital SLHD were very quick to add Concord Repatriation General Hospital to centralise the management of both hospitals with the WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software. Many of the suppliers that provide services at RPA also provide services to the other hospitals in the network.

Having a centralised system of compliance means it does not matter which location the contractors sign into, the compliance of the Supplier including insurances plus the employees of the suppliers including inductions and qualifications are checked in a matter of seconds. Any supplier or contractor who is not compliant with expired insurances or out of date inductions will be denied access immediately.


When I asked Nik why he selected Time & People to provide a Visitor Contractor solution to replace an existing system he said easier to use more reliable software.

SLHD have taken advantage of many of the modules and features in WhosOnLocation to manage the compliance of contractors including

  • Sign in and sign out every visit
  • Notification alerts on arrival and departure
  • Contractor online Inductions
  • Contractor location specific kiosk induction
  • Contractor insurances
  • Contractor qualifications
  • Denial of access for non compliance
  • Asset module to manage the issuance of keys

Nik said the roll out was going excellent and Canterbury Hospital will be next.

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Sydney Local Health District – SLHD expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management system to include Canterbury Hospital with Time & People

After a very successful implementation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at Camperdown NSW and Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Concord NSW by Time & People Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) have added Canterbury Hospital to the centralised Visitor, Contractor, Induction management system WhosOnLocation.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) comprises 5 major hospitals in Sydney NSW.

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital tick
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital tick
  • Canterbury Hospital tick
  • Sydney Dental Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital

Centralising common contractors across multiple locations and managing the compliance of these contractors has never been easier….find out why Sydney Local Health District have expanded to more locations now including Canterbury Cospital.

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Cracking customer suggestion – and we could do it out of the box

I had a customer come to me last week and explain how they had contractors who would go onto the roof of the building for any number of reasons including air conditioning, antennas and general maintenance. The issue as it was explained to me was the customer never knew when the contractors were actually on the roof and the biggest issue when they were actually off the roof. As the process was explained to me in detail about the contractor arriving on site and completing the necessary paperwork to go onto the roof the biggest concern of the customer was not that the paperwork had been completed or the process in which the paperwork needs to be completed the biggest issue was shared where a contractor who has been approved to go onto the roof does not actually indicate that they are off the roof safely as the contractor could not find the facilities manager to confirm they were off the roof.

The customer asked if it was possible that the contractor to advise electronically that they are going onto the roof “NOW” if the contractor could trigger at the time of going onto the roof that they are “NOW” going onto the roof. Whosonlocation does have the ability to create a trigger so we created a zone called I am “Now going onto the roof” and another called I am ”NOW off the roof safely”

The end result you can see below where the contractor must acknowledge they are now going onto the roof which will immediately send an SMS or email to one or many people that need to be notified, equally important and to resolve the biggest issue the customer was having was to notify that the contractor was now off the roof safely.

Contractor advises going onto the roof – Message can be sent to one or many automatically by SMS and/or email advising appropriate staff

IMG_4474                 Contractor_on_roof_text_message

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Adelaide High School selects Time & People to implement WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management System

After a recent implementation with Adelaide High School I asked Shauna a couple of questions to see how WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software has helped the school move from a manual visitor and contractor system to an electronic more modern visitor management system.

·         Could you share with us before WhosOnLocation was installed how did you manage the presence of visitors and contractors to your location?

Prior to WOL we used a series of folders held on our Reception folder – there were several folders and once Reception staff had a conversation with a visitor  then we could determine which folder they would need to sign into.  There were folders for support staff , relief staff, contractors, visitors. It was very messy and cluttered up the Reception counter.  Now we have the one touch screen and a small printer for visitor badges and it is a much more streamlined process.

·         After researching the market place for products what made you select Time & People to provide the WhosOnLocation Visitor and Contractor management software for your school? What were 3 key reasons for choosing the product?

The proposal from Time & People was quite comprehensive and provided all the information we needed to know if the product was suitable in our application

The product is Australian based whereas other products I researched were overseas based (eg US or UK) and only offered parts of what we were looking for.

The live demonstration and the ability to connect in real time with Time & People indicated to us that you had the ability to access new technology and skill your clients in its use.  We wanted a 21st century product and you could deliver.

There is still a lot of potential in the software for us to access even more of its capacity and we are gradually expanding its use across the school.

·         Your WhosOnLocation software was implemented by Time & People, how did you find this process and would you recommend Time & People to implement the WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor management software to other schools and businesses

The implementation process was very simple and we were well supported by Time & People through the process.  Each time we had a query we received a quick response with very clear and explicit instructions.  When we discussed with T&P what we wanted the software to do you listened and supported us to set up what we wanted or you noted our requirements and undated versions incorporated enhancements we were looking for.  You understand the requirements of our school and have worked with us rather than telling us about the limitations of your product.

The ability to have the software loaded on an IPad for leadership to access and explore the potential of the product has been very beneficial.

We are definitely recommending the product to our colleagues in other schools and have a number of Principals from other sites who are considering implementing WOL.

·         Finally how has WhosOnLocation assisted you to solve some of the original issues that were in place with the existing system?

The software is easy to navigate around and all leaders in our site can access the information any time as it is cloud based and in real time.  The software has helped us monitor staff attendance on site and address issues of punctuality and irregular attendance, monitor visitors and who they are seeing and where they are located in the school, monitor contractors and confirm their hours on site avoiding overcharging issues.

The initial investment in the system and related hardware has proved more than worthwhile and we continue to explore its potential in our site as we become more familiar with the capacity of the software.  There is the opportunity for cost savings in a number of areas such as asset management, chargeable hours by contractors and cost saving was an important factor in our procurement decision.

Thanks for your support during implementation and we will continue to correspond as we explore the software further.

Adelaide High School