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Key register management with Visitor Management software

Key management? if you manage keys you know what this is about. Have you ever heard “who had the key last” or “where is the key” or “I cant read what is written on the key register, I don’t know who has the master warehouse key” or “when is the key due back”

All of these problems disappear as soon as you have access to an electronic key register as part of your visitor management software. You can actually manage any item you issue that you expect to be returned including radios, projectors, access control cards and much more.

Do you issue assets likes keys and access control cards to visitor and contractors?

gold coast private hospitalGold Coast Private Hospital Managing over 1000 assets including keys

Christ Church                       Oxford University UK managing over 1000 assets including keys

NSW_Health                             Multiple hospitals across NSW including Royal Prince Alfred, Concord Repatriation, Liverpool Hospital managing assets including keys


asset1 - list of assets recently issued

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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management – new features

The list of new features over the past 6 months is now amazingly long and over the past 8 years continues to see WhosOnLocation as a leader globally in the management of people presence in your building/s. Visitor Management in many instances is called upon when a building initially wants to replace a visitor book. Unknown to the management team of each building that looks to replace the visitor book is the depth of what can be done with Visitor Management software today.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software includes key modules that allow a company to manage much more than replacing the visitor books.

Visitor Management – replace your visitor management books
Pre Register visitors in advance – using your outlook or google calendar
Evacuation Management – Give your fire wardens the tools they can use
Contractor Management – Manage your suppliers from on-boarding to compliance including insurances, qualifications and more.
Asset Management – many buildings need to manage assets they issue to people and expect to be returned like keys
Photo ID cards – produce photo ID cards for employees and contractors that can be used to tap in and tap out your presence in one or across many buildings nationally or globally
Induction Management – Set up and manage unlimited online inductions for your employees and contractors.
Reports – What many companies want and need to manage the big data collected from thousands of transactions in your building/s

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Printing Photo ID Cards for employee & Contractors

WhosOnLocation visitor, contractor and induction management software is a database of all your employees and contractors as well as visitors to your location. Customers ask can we allow employees and contractors to sign in quickly, especially the regular contractors. The answer has always been yes, we can assign a token barcode or chipped card against the profile of the employee or contractor so they can tap in and tap out.

Now we can build a Photo ID card template in WhosOnLocation allowing you to build a templatge to print plastic Photo ID Cards. Once printed the card can be used to identify the employee or contractor as well as allow them to scan in and out at any self serve kiosk connected to the account globally.

Photo ID card printing Template
WhosOnLocation gives you the ability to build an ID card template so you can print plastic Photo ID cards for your employees and contractors. Information in the database is used to populate the Photo ID card including
  • Company Logo
  • Person”s name
  • Persons Photo
  • Name of their organisation
  • Token ID Number
  • Date Token issued
  • Date Token expires
  • Barcode (for scanning in and out)
  • QR Code ( for scanning in and out)
  • Tag Name

There are two hardware requirements to print ID Cards, the correct cards to print on and a compatible printer.


CR80 Cards

We have made our ID Cards available to be printed on the most common sized ID Cards used world-wide, CR80cards. The dimensions for this card size are 2.13″ x 3.38″ (54mm x 86mm), the size of a standard credit card.

CR80 Cards are plastic or PVC cards which are used to create permanent or semi-permanent ID Cards.

Compatible Printers

Because the CR80 card is so commonly used, it is compatible with most ID Card Printers. These printers are different from the standard label printer used to print paper badge passes for visitors and service providers.

ID Card printers print on plastic or PVC cards and often have the ability to print in color. If you’re not sure whether your printer can print on CR80 cards, we recommend contacting your hardware vendor or looking up the specifications online.

You can print one or many ID cards for your employees and contractors

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