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Deputy Integrates with WhosOnLocation

Deputy employee time and attendance and rostering cloud software for small business has integrated this month with WhosOnLocation to create a best of breeds solution. Deputy customers were asking for evacuation reporting and WhosOnLocation customers were asking for Time & Attendance and rostering, the integration is a perfect match.

Deputy has different styles of customers, many under 50 employees like coffee shops and retail. Deputy has been a huge hit in this market taking over the market with more than 40,000 customers globally now. Prior to Deputy most of these companies were using paper time sheets or spreadsheets, some were using facebook as a place to notify of your absence as no other low cost solution existed. Deputy has grown over the past 8 years with larger customers coming on board. Thrifty use Deputy nationally managing 8-10 staff in dozens of locations around the country. In 2017 Deputy started being used by Qantas where now more than 2000 employees have started using Deputy.

Customer who have already taken advantage of the integration include Cinerent who manage St George Open Air Cinema each year and Counsel’s Chambers Limited

Time & People provide employee, visitor & contractor presence on site and compliance software solutions to companies through Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, , Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. Time & People were announced partner of the year 2017 for Deputy

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Chamberlain select Time & People to implement Visitor Management software at Gosford location


Chamberlain Australia provide garage doors & fittings to customers all over Australia including through Bunnings. Em initially called after they saw WhosOnLocation at another location and wanted to replace the manual process currently in place that included a short powerpoint induction manually provided to visitors and contractors. Employees from other Chamberlain locations also had to sign in their presence on site when they arrived each visit.

Replacing a manual system like this with multiple components including employee sign in and sign out is made easy with a centralised visitor management software solution. The manual power point induction is now built into the visitor kiosk, staff no longer need to manually keep track of who has and who has not completed the induction. The self serve visitor kiosk with built in visitor induction now manages the initial induction and also the renewal of the induction in the future.

After implementing the electronic visitor management system with visitor self serve kiosk to replace the manual systems that were in place we asked a few questions about how the software is going….

  • How has WhosOnLocation assisted you in your business?
    • Getting away from the paper based sign in and sign out system. Having the Ipad kiosk has made our business a bit more professional. Makes a good impression.
  • How has WhosOnLocation assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?
    • Easier to sign in VIP guests and group visitors without having to line up. Pre-registering visitors is a huge help.
    • I have yet to get Contractor Management on board, right now just getting used to Visitor Management side of things.
    • Have yet to trial evacuation management system. We have a fire drill in the coming weeks so will see how that goes.
  • What do you like most about WhosOnLocation?
    • Friendly support staff. I do feel embarrassed sometimes calling for technical support.
    • User friendly app.
    • Helpdesk is a great tool


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Visitor Management software improves active directory database

One of the best unexpected advantages of setting up Visitor Management software is the improvements that are made to an existing active directory database. Active directory is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows server operating systems as set of processes and services. Initially Active Directory was only in charge of centralized domain management. In English for the purpose of visitor management active directory includes a list of all the employees in the company with email address and contact number.

When a customer sets up the visitor management software if you have more than 80 employees generally you are using active directory or a program similar. One of the reasons you will use active directory is to have your centralized employee list.

Recent examples of what can happen with your active directory database when you start using visitor management software and you want to sync with AD

1/ One customer pulled 40,000 records into one location not realizing the active directory database had not been segmented into employees at each location, with hundreds of locations all 40,000 employees were loaded into one location. For this customer we had to delete all of the data and load employees for each location manually until the active directory database was set up correctly for the purpose of sharing with other solutions.

2/ The active directory database gets updated as it had not been updated for a long time, this is the most common benefit of wanting to start using a visitor management software solution and syncing with active directory.

Implementing a visitor management system will improve your active directory database.

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