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RACV selects Time & People to provide Visitor Management solution

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RACV is a great story of being patient and understanding that good things do come to those who wait as my mum always said. RACV first made an inquiry in 2014, then 2015 and never went ahead with any solution. Fast forward to 2017 and in October we took a call asking if we could solve a couple of what we thought were routine problems. RACV had purchased another software solution that was not matching the expectations promised through presentations of the software solution over a number of weeks. Despite a lot of effort RACV could not get the other Visitor Management software solution to work.

With a deadline looming for a new head office location RACV had to make a decision and thankfully they reached out to Time & People to ask if we could solve some very basic active directory issues that were not being resolved in the existing visitor management software. I will not share the name of the company but do hope they read this article. Offering a solution to a customer that you do not have working is a common issue today with every known software on the planet being replicated by multiple companies. Some are coming into the market to make a serious business, some are after the quick cash, many are not listening to customers and customers are doing what they do more and more every day, they are walking out to the next product that can solve the issues.

I am thankful that all the issues RACV were experiencing with another visitor management solution Time & People could solve.

I mentioned the deadline earlier, I took the call and was asked could we have RACV live in a matter of days, in hind site it was not that difficult as RACV already had the visitor management kiosk ready to go.  At the end of the pressure that everybody was under with the system live in both locations it was nice to get an email thanking the team for the effort we put in to get the two locations live.

If you are having an experience like RACV with a visitor management software system that is just not delivering what has been promised please book in a 15 minute call to discuss

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Visitor Contractor Management Software for the Education Sector

The past 12 months has been very hectic with Schools, Colleges and Universities signing up to better manage the presence and compliance of visitors, contractors  employees, volunteers, casual teachers, contract teachers like music and sports specialist teachers.

I have put together a short video highlighting some of the more popular areas of the software these customers are using.

Working with Children Check changes August 1 2017 – Do they impact you?

Changes to the Working with Children Check Act 2005 came into effect on 1 August 2017


On 1 August 2017, a number of important amendments to the Working with Children Check Act 2005 (the Act) came into effect.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse made several recommendations aimed at strengthening the protection children receive through Working with Children Checks. The following amendments to the Act implement these recommendations:

  1. Expand the definition of ‘direct contact’ in the Act. The definition of direct contact now includes oral, written or electronic communication as well as face-to-face and physical contact. The Act will continue to provide that a Check is not required in circumstances where the contact with a child is occasional and incidental to the work.
  2. Remove references to ‘supervision’ from the Act. This means that even if a person’s contact with children as part of their child-related work is supervised by another person, they will still need to apply for a Check.
  3. Create a new occupational category of ‘child-related work’, known as ‘kinship care’. Family members or other persons of significance caring for a placed by Child Protection under the Youth and Families Act 2005 are required to obtain a Check.
  4. Ensure that non-conviction charges (charges that have been finally dealt with other than by a conviction or finding of guilt) for serious sexual, violent or drug offences are considered as part of a Check assessment or re-assessment.
  5. Enable the Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation to compel the production of certain information for the purposes of compliance monitoring.

In addition, various other miscellaneous and technical amendments have been made to improve the Act’s operation and administration.

For detailed information about these changes, go to Changes to Legislation.


Need to track WWC at your location – book in a visitor management demonstration and we will show you how easy it is to manage WWC qualifications across your employees, staff, volunteers and parent helpers.

Visitor Management software integrated with Brivo Access Control

Brivo Access Control is one of the first access control systems to go cloud, what does that mean that your access control, is in the cloud? The simple answer is everything becomes easier with better access control data and easier access to access control data, more mobility and flexibility.

Imagine if you could reduce the cost of your access control system by the cost of the access control cards only, what would this cost be to your business. Technology is moving and you can now access a building with your mobile phone, no card required. This is Brivo Cloud Access Control. I have spoken to customers who pay as much as $50 per access control card, multiply this by 500 employees and this is a massive cost. I have been in buildings where the cost of lost cards annually exceeds $10,000….how many cards do you lose annually and what is the cost to your business. Many customers tell me how employees could have 3,4 or 5 cards in their desk. The employee comes in Monday and forgot the card so gets issued a temporary card. I have been in an office on Monday morning where the security team issue 50+ cards every Monday to staff who have forgotten cards. These cards have a cost and many are sitting in draws.

What if your building did not need access control cards and the associated costs?

What problems does Brivo Access Control solve for you?

  • Manage entry into your buildings remotely so when your employees forget their access cards, you can allow entry from anywhere
  • Using Brivo gives you the freedom to work where you please, while being able to run access for your business from one central location
  • Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees and customers so they can enter your sites with just their smartphone
  • Spend less time managing your security, and more time running your business

How does Brivo Access Control work with Visitor Management software? – This is a great question, why would you integrate access control with a visitor management software solution? The number one answer to this question is an evacuation report for the building that includes all employees, visitors and contractors who are currently on site. Typically access control systems do a good job with employees but visitors and contractors even if issued an access control card can be hit and miss. Integrating Brivo Access Control with Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software allows you to build out the ultimate and most accurate evacuation report for your building/s

Brivo’s mission is to provide commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market. To us, that means making the best access control systems in the world at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

Want to know more about Brivo Access Control and Visitor Management for your building book in a demonstration below

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5 Ways to Enhance the Visitor Experience to your organisation!

1/. First impressions Count – you only get one chance to make a first impression
Avoid waiting in queue’s and sign in with a branded self-serve sign-in visitor manage kiosk. There are so many kiosk options, from a simple iPad to the all in one IQ Kiosk including a built in camera, visitor label printer and bar-code scanner.

Camden Kiosk Small

Camden Council’s knows how to impress with their branded all in one IQ Kiosk

2/. Pre-register your visitors
Allows your visitors to receive important information prior to their arrival such as; their host details (picture, mobile number), address with map, evacuation instructions, parking details, Guest Wi-fi tab and even tips for the best local coffee shop. Your visitor can now use their mobile phone to scan in at the visitor sign-in kiosk for a quick and easy sign in process using a QR code.

wolpass two

3/. Safety in knowing what’s expected of you whilst onsite
A visitor sign-in questionnaire will generally include a few questions based on what is expected from you on-site including some safety messages and procedures such as an evacuation map, any danger zones and rules ie. no smoking, no camera’s, safety gear required etc

Evacuation Points lite induction

4/. No more long waits for your host
Following your simple and fast self-serve visitor sign-in your host will be notified by email or SMS or both of your arrival. If you were asked to enter your mobile and photo capture on arrival they can now call you if they happen to be held up and also be able to identify you immediately.

5/. Visitor Confidentiality
When visiting an organisation with a manual visitor guest book all your details on on display for everyone to see; your name, your company and even your contact details. With Visitor Management Software you put your visitors privacy as top priority. Privacy can be paramount in certain fields, like legal and financial.

manual sihn in book


 If you too value your customers and visitors on-site experience and would like more information on Visitor Management Systems Book in a Free Demonstration

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Time & People announced Deputy partner of the year 2017

I was shocked to receive the partner of the year award for Deputy on the eve of xerocon 2017. At an event held for Deputy partners in Melbourne Deputy introduced Servicem8 as an integration and also announced emerging partner of the year along with partner of the year. I was extremely proud to see Time & People rewarded for many years of work with Deputy winning Partner of the year 2017. The award was presented by Kristin Harris with around 120 partners in the room including Apple. Deputy successfully assisted Qantas in 2017 now using the Deputy software


WhosOnlocation & Deputy recently completed an integration allowing employees who sign into Deputy to go automatically into WhosOnLocation for evacuation Management.

Time & People have supplied people management solutions to organisations globally to assist with the presence and compliance of visitors, contractors, and employees. Some of the recent implementations include U.K. Coca-Cola, NZ and USA. Recent customers include …..


Want to know how Time & People can assist you in your organisation with presence and compliance management, please call 1300 800 077 USA customers call 213 631 3612 or book in a 15 minute call with our booking calendar.

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Liverpool Hospital share Contractor Management statistics after implementation

South West Sydney LHN

This week we put together some numbers for Liverpool hospital, just a few months after going live with the Visitor, Contractor Management software Peter Shaheed the Business and Energy Manager  provided some pre implementation statistics on the previous systems in place which included an existing online induction system, we then placed some post implementation numbers against the pre implementation numbers..

Induction Completion Rate – Pre Implementation 45%

Post Implementation 43% for all contractors and 100% for all contractors attending the location – based on 376 Contractors where 162 have completed the Induction. The 162 that have completed the induction are the 162 who have attended the location giving a 100% success rate for contractors attending the location. Contractors are unable to sign in their presence on site unless the induction is completed since the system has gone live.

Insurances submitted Pre Implementation 30%

Post Implementation 56% based on 41 out of 73 Contractor Organisations submitting Public Liability Insurance. 100% success rate for contractors attending the location. Contractors are unable to sign in their presence on site unless the insurances are loaded in the system.

Contractors signing out
Contractors Sign-Out Pre Implementation 45%
Post Implementation 98% Based on 600 Sign-Ins, 10 of whom are still Signed-In after 24 hours

Contractors Returned keys
Pre Implementation 98%
Post Implementation 100%

Need to improve the contractor compliance at your location? Book in a demonstration