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Know who is on-site at a glance with customised dashboards…

Safety in the workplace starts with knowing who is on-site, so having access to an easy to read, real-time summary of information on key people presence at any time and at any given location is essential in the workplace.

See at a glance how many visitors, contractors and/or employees are on-site, either on your PC at your desk or on your mobile phone when you are out and about.

WOL Dashboard view

You can have unlimited customised dashboards including a GeoMap. Know where your contractors or employees are when working on multiple sites with GeoMap using a Google map display.

WOL Geo Map dashbpard

If you like the sound of these features and you would like to know more about how you could implement them at your workplace see below.

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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 1

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 1

Share with your visitors and contractors when you will be closed over the holiday/vacation period. Easily create a slide with specific information you would like every visitor and contractor to be aware of prior to signing in.



3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

Why would you use a multi tenant visitor management system in your building? We have found 3 common reasons to include self serve kiosk/s in the foyer of your building to assist the concierge manage every single visitor and contractor coming into the location. Most buildings today do not register the name and contact details of the visitor or contractors coming into the building, some have a paper based system and even less have an electronic system in place. Many of the electronic systems in place do not have the functionality to allow multiple tenants on a single kiosk.

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3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

1/ Security – every building today has a responsibility to the tenants in the building to know who should be onsite, who is onsite and who was onsite. Visitor management systems today with concierge functionality will give you all of this information.

  • Some customers only allow pre registered visitors to sign in, if you are not pre registered you are unable to sign in, you can only be pre registered by your host or an assistant to your host.
  • Some customers need the host to collect the visitor with the visitor pass only being released at the sign in kiosk or concierge desk once the host has approved the person signing in.

2/ Visibility – with a paper based system or no system at all there is no visibility. Once you move to an electronic concierge visitor management system you can have full visibility.

  • Full visibility of who is coming into the building with pre registration
  • Full visibility of who is in the building
  • Full visibility historically of who has been in the building in the past.

3/ Reporting – extensive and easy to use reporting gives access to all the data for the concierge if required and also for each tenant.

  • Run concierge reports including contractors time on site for invoicing
  • Run tenant reports allowing tenants to report on visitors who are due, onsite and who have been in the past

Additional functionality includes triggered messages when a person over stays the visit or does not sign out when leaving.

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Take the first steps towards a complete Emergency Evacuation Plan…….

When it comes to emergencies, nothing beats being prepared!
No-one can predict when an emergency will arise such as a medical emergency, intruder, explosion or one of many natural disasters frequent today; flood, fire or earthquakes.
To be prepared and keep your people safe in an event of an emergency, you must know where they should be and then be able to quickly verify their Safety. An automated visitor, contractor, employee management system helps you to do this.

The first step is to capture the information on arrival for everyone coming on-site and there are a number of ways this can be done;
Visitors – Sign-in via a kiosk at reception (iPad or touchscreen tablet).
kiosk 2
Employees/Contractors - could sign in the same way however doing this everyday can be tedious so we would recommend an ID or access card to tap/scan in and out.
Contractor_Plastic_ID_card_template        Employee ID Card

During this on-boarding process you can not only share information of what is expected of those coming on-site but you can also capture some important information that will be of great importance and assistance during an emergency;

1/. Share Important Safety Notices and Evacuation Maps –
No_Smoking       Evacuation Points lite induction

2/. Capture Mobile Numbers – To be used to send SMS asking #AreYouSafe in the event of an emergency.
3/. Staff and Visitors with a Disability - Ask this question during the sign in process and you will know who needs assistance in the event of an emergency.

Additional tools in the event of an emergency include;
WolEvac – this tool is for mobile and tablet devices and users would normally be employees who are safety marshals or fire wardens in a location. WolEvac allows them to;

  • Track that Zones are cleared
  • Send SMS asking #AreYouSafe
  • Perform a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  • View real-time verification progress
  • View post evacuation reports

    WolEvac Mobile

Print Evacuation Reports – from any PC you can export reports as a PDF including;

  • Person’s name
  • From
  • Mobile
  • Indicates if person requires assistance
  • Host Name (If a guest)Evac report

If you think your organisation would benefit from these evacuation tools and would like to take the next step towards a complete visitor, employee, contractor and evacuation management system contact us now.

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WOL Kiosknot WOL branded



Multi Tenant Visitor Management System functionality will change the way you manage multiple tenants.

As more time goes buy and more customers come on board using visitor management systems the functionality of visitor management systems must continue to evolve. Here is our most significant feature update for 2017 – Concierge desk management for multiple tenants. We have many customers managing multiple tenants in a single building, up until recently it was a little awkward and time consuming managing multiple tenants in the one building through the visitor management system.

Any concierge person given the correct access to the visitor management system can now sign in visitors for any tenant in the building, each tenant must have their own account. Every tenant can pre-register visitors coming to the location giving the concierge desk visibility of all visitors coming into the building from a central concierge desk. Some customers have turned on the feature to only allow pre-registered visitors to sign in stopping cold callers or marketers trying to get in the door. If you are not pre-registered you will not get in if this feature is turned on.

Setting up a visitor management system concierge desk kiosk will increase security of all people coming into the building including visitors, contractors and can even include the presence of employees on site for evacuation purposes.


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Air, Sea, Road & Rail select Time & People to implement Visitor, Contractor management software.

It is amazing how your customers collect together over a period of time, with a recent look over the existing Time & People customer base I discovered a great story about customers from Air, Sea, Road & Rail and I could not leave out Turf. Each of these customers have looked for Time & People to implement visitor management software to replace a visitor management book or visitor, contractor management software to manage the presence of visitors and contractors across one or many locations including employees inductions are another popular module. Each business and each location has the ability to set up the structure they need to manage the presence and compliance of people coming onto their locations along with evacuation management and detailed reporting.

Each of these companies are moving people and product, if I had to collectively put them into one industry category we could call it the Transport Industry.



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TNT Expand Visitor, Contractor and Induction management solution from Time & People to TNT Express Melbourne Airport


TNT originally started using Visitor Management software implemented by Time & People in the office at Botany in NSW to manage the presence of visitors visiting the location, the visitor signs in, the host is notified and a visitor pass is printed. Early in 2017 the system was expanded to Erskine park to also capture the visitors but also contractors. Last month the implementation was completed at another TNT location this time it was Melbourne Airport TNT Express location specifically to manage contractors and inductions. The solution offers two ways to complete inductions.

1- Kiosk Inductions – for visitors and contractors – short 1-5 pages of information to be acknowledged by the visitor or contractor

2 – Online Inductions – for employees and contractors – As many as you need, as long as you want with as many pass fail rate questions that you need.

tnt_logo_3557 join toll_group_logo and dhl who are also expanding further locations with visitor, contractor and induction management software.

More about TNT

TNT aims to be a trustworthy, values-based company with a reputation for integrity, transparency and compliance. To support this aim, we have developed and implemented an Integrity Programme, and introduced Business Principles and related policies and procedures. See more at

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