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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 2

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers
will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 2

In buildings with multiple tenants it would look strange to see 20 visitor management kiosks one for each tenant,
why not install one kiosk to manage all 20 tenants?



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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 1

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 1

Share with your visitors and contractors when you will be closed over the holiday/vacation period. Easily create a slide with specific information you would like every visitor and contractor to be aware of prior to signing in.



3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

Why would you use a multi tenant visitor management system in your building? We have found 3 common reasons to include self serve kiosk/s in the foyer of your building to assist the concierge manage every single visitor and contractor coming into the location. Most buildings today do not register the name and contact details of the visitor or contractors coming into the building, some have a paper based system and even less have an electronic system in place. Many of the electronic systems in place do not have the functionality to allow multiple tenants on a single kiosk.

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3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

1/ Security – every building today has a responsibility to the tenants in the building to know who should be onsite, who is onsite and who was onsite. Visitor management systems today with concierge functionality will give you all of this information.

  • Some customers only allow pre registered visitors to sign in, if you are not pre registered you are unable to sign in, you can only be pre registered by your host or an assistant to your host.
  • Some customers need the host to collect the visitor with the visitor pass only being released at the sign in kiosk or concierge desk once the host has approved the person signing in.

2/ Visibility – with a paper based system or no system at all there is no visibility. Once you move to an electronic concierge visitor management system you can have full visibility.

  • Full visibility of who is coming into the building with pre registration
  • Full visibility of who is in the building
  • Full visibility historically of who has been in the building in the past.

3/ Reporting – extensive and easy to use reporting gives access to all the data for the concierge if required and also for each tenant.

  • Run concierge reports including contractors time on site for invoicing
  • Run tenant reports allowing tenants to report on visitors who are due, onsite and who have been in the past

Additional functionality includes triggered messages when a person over stays the visit or does not sign out when leaving.

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Byrnecut Group expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software to Pinjarra location

Byrnecut is an internationally renowed specialist underground mining contractor offering a unique range of services and depth of experience.

After initially setting up WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software to manage the reception area at head office with around 250 employees Byrnecut last week added another location with around 30 employees. the new location also has manufacturing on site and also requires inductions

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What is wrong with background checks when using visitor management software?

What is wrong with background checks when using visitor management software?

Background checks have become increasingly popular with visitor management software. Most prominent over the past 5 years has been the option to use software that will check a sex offenders list when every person signs into your location. In 2012 there were approximately 747,000 sex offenders in USA. How good would that be if you could check the name of the visitor signing in against the list of 747,000 names and stop known sex offenders from entering your school.

What is wrong with this scenario?

when a person signs into a visitor management kiosk they must answer any questions presented as part of the sign in process, imagine how many questions you would need to ask to narrow down to make a match of one person on a list of 747,000 names. Should we ask a person signing in on a visitor kiosk there birth date? Would you be happy giving your birth date to sign into a building? An easy way around asking for a birth date is to  ask fro a drivers licence to be scanned and then you can get a birth date without asking for a birth date.

How many of the 747,000 registered sex offenders in USA would give up their drivers licence to enter a building? How many would say I don’t have a drivers licence? There is nothing wrong with not having a drivers licence.

So here is the real problem…

A known sex offender walking into a building that asks for a drivers licence can say “I do not have a drivers licence” Who is going to argue with that…now the registered sex offender must enter his name into the visitor management kiosk, lets say his name is James Smith (made up name) the first thing that will happen is the name James Smith will be checked against 747,000 registered sex offenders and what if there are 2 people on the registered sex offenders list called James Smith? More importantly what if the person standing in front of you is not one of those 2 registered sex offenders….you can start to see how this can get very difficult. Often it will be an admin or reception staff member who will have to deal with this situation.

Now Sally (the receptionist) must tell James Smith standing in front of her as the signed in visitor that he has just been flagged on a sex offenders list…BUT Sally does not know if this is correct or not, Sally only knows that James Smith signed in and the registered sex offenders list with 747,000 names on it in 2012 has 2 James Smith on the list…..very awkward for the receptionist Sally

Watch lists will work exactly the same, the issue is if you create a watch list for a name James Smith because you want to exclude James Smith from coming into your building for what ever reason then you need to build more of a profile than just the name of the person. For example what if you knew the persons email address, that would be good now you can add an email address to the profile of James Smith. Problem is now you need to ask every person signing in to enter their email address so you can manage your watch list of a couple of names, this is certainly mass inconvenience for the majority for a couple of people.

What is another solution?  What is a better answer?

The reality is when a visitor signs in they are always hosted, rarely today visitors can walk freely around a location, if you think you could have issues at your location it may be easier, less intrusive and more personal to host every visitor on site :)

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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management – new features

The list of new features over the past 6 months is now amazingly long and over the past 8 years continues to see WhosOnLocation as a leader globally in the management of people presence in your building/s. Visitor Management in many instances is called upon when a building initially wants to replace a visitor book. Unknown to the management team of each building that looks to replace the visitor book is the depth of what can be done with Visitor Management software today.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software includes key modules that allow a company to manage much more than replacing the visitor books.

Visitor Management – replace your visitor management books
Pre Register visitors in advance – using your outlook or google calendar
Evacuation Management – Give your fire wardens the tools they can use
Contractor Management – Manage your suppliers from on-boarding to compliance including insurances, qualifications and more.
Asset Management – many buildings need to manage assets they issue to people and expect to be returned like keys
Photo ID cards – produce photo ID cards for employees and contractors that can be used to tap in and tap out your presence in one or across many buildings nationally or globally
Induction Management – Set up and manage unlimited online inductions for your employees and contractors.
Reports – What many companies want and need to manage the big data collected from thousands of transactions in your building/s

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Visitor contractor induction compliance for aged care – How can this help you?

Aged care facilities have really taken off over the past 6 months where interest is very strong to replace archaic manual time consuming systems to manage visitors and contractors including inductions and insurances that are set up in a very decentralized way.  Many hours are wasted every week trying to maintain a manual visitor management system that in many cases also includes contractor management.

Recent discussions with Aged care facilities included not only discussions about visitors and contractors and the compliance of these people attending the location but has also included discussions about residents presence on site including many questions around the resident signing out there presence when they leave location for a true evacuation report.

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

A lot of what Aged Care requires is very similar to hospitals who are using WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor & Induction Management software like RPA, Concord Hospital, Liverpool Hospital, Canterbury Hospital,  Gold Coast Private Hospital and more, hospitals have a strong need to manage contractors and the compliance of the contractors including inductions as well as keys and access control cards.

How can Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management software help aged care facilities?

Visitors – having visitors sign in and out their presence on site gives you an instant electronic record of who has been on location. At the same time a visitor signs in there presence you can set a short induction explaining your expectations of the visitors while on site, for example no smoking.

Contractors – need to sign in and out there presence on site, need compliance completed in the way of insurances and qualifications as well as inductions. Induction_Expired

Employees – Can also sign in and out there presence on and off site if not already signing into a time and attendance system like Kronos or Deputy. Time and attendance data could be integrated into the visitor, contractor management software.

Residents – we are being asked a lot about the residents signing out there presence when they leave and signing in again when they return, every one I have spoken to is doing this now in a manual book and likes the idea of having this data electronic and more readily available.

What Visitor Contractor Modules could help Aged Care and why?

Visitor Management Module – will allow for the electronic reporting on visitors who have visited your location. Visitors can include family of residents as well as regular visitors

Contractor Management Module – will help you centralize insurance details, qualifications and inductions for your suppliers, even more powerful when you have multiple locations.

Asset Management – throw out the manual paper key management book and use this module to manage the issuance of any item you give to a person you expect to be returned.

Evacuation Management – give your fire wardens the control they need in the event of an emergency, this module is designed for fire wardens.

Induction Management – build employee and contractor inductions online for people to complete away from the location or onsite when they arrive.

Contractor Portal – Give your suppliers access so they can complete the pre-qualification process including upload insurances and workers for you – Admin staff will love this module

There is so much more the software can do to assist you at your location – Register for a demonstration to see more book a demo - Agec care contractor management


All this research got me thinking about how I could assist my mother in the future so I dug a little deeper for some great links that will help you if you are looking for an aged care facility for your parents or family members.

Aged Care providers include Hardi Aged Care, Adventist Aged Care, Amana Living, ACSSAG Japara Healthcare, Baptist care NSW & ACT, BlueCross, Bupa Aged care, Churches of Christ Care, Freedom Aged Care, Hall & Prior Aged Care, Juniper, Opal Aged Care, Regis Aged Care, Souther Cross Care and hundreds more

You can check on vacancies with this great website –

You can also see a list of Aged Care providers here  –



Sydney Local Health District – SLHD expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management system to include Canterbury Hospital with Time & People

After a very successful implementation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at Camperdown NSW and Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Concord NSW by Time & People Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) have added Canterbury Hospital to the centralised Visitor, Contractor, Induction management system WhosOnLocation.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) comprises 5 major hospitals in Sydney NSW.

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital tick
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital tick
  • Canterbury Hospital tick
  • Sydney Dental Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital

Centralising common contractors across multiple locations and managing the compliance of these contractors has never been easier….find out why Sydney Local Health District have expanded to more locations now including Canterbury Cospital.

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Cracking customer suggestion – and we could do it out of the box

I had a customer come to me last week and explain how they had contractors who would go onto the roof of the building for any number of reasons including air conditioning, antennas and general maintenance. The issue as it was explained to me was the customer never knew when the contractors were actually on the roof and the biggest issue when they were actually off the roof. As the process was explained to me in detail about the contractor arriving on site and completing the necessary paperwork to go onto the roof the biggest concern of the customer was not that the paperwork had been completed or the process in which the paperwork needs to be completed the biggest issue was shared where a contractor who has been approved to go onto the roof does not actually indicate that they are off the roof safely as the contractor could not find the facilities manager to confirm they were off the roof.

The customer asked if it was possible that the contractor to advise electronically that they are going onto the roof “NOW” if the contractor could trigger at the time of going onto the roof that they are “NOW” going onto the roof. Whosonlocation does have the ability to create a trigger so we created a zone called I am “Now going onto the roof” and another called I am ”NOW off the roof safely”

The end result you can see below where the contractor must acknowledge they are now going onto the roof which will immediately send an SMS or email to one or many people that need to be notified, equally important and to resolve the biggest issue the customer was having was to notify that the contractor was now off the roof safely.

Contractor advises going onto the roof – Message can be sent to one or many automatically by SMS and/or email advising appropriate staff

IMG_4474                 Contractor_on_roof_text_message

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2 reasons why you will use a visitor management system in 2017

While there are any number of reasons why you may consider using a visitor management software solution in your business in 2017 there are two reasons that stand out.

1/ Security
The number one reason for companies to implement a visitor management software solution in 2017 will be security. As technology continues to grow and expand bringing us new products like driver-less cars and pizza delivered by drones building security technology is also expanding. How can a visitor management software solution help you in your buildings with security?

Increasingly we are being asked by customers to only allow a visitor on site who has been approved by the host. If a visitor turns up to a location and has not been pre-registered the visitor management software can stop the visitor from gaining access. This feature that can be turned on or turned off can increase your visitor security in your buildings.

How do you know if John Smith who has just signed in on your visitor book is actually John Smith?

An example of how visitor management software could assist you to confirm that John Smith is John Smith would be the ability for the host to collect the visitor on arrival after receiving and email or SMS advising of the visitor arrival. Through a self serve kiosk the host could acknowledge the visitor is who they say they are. If you’ve never met the visitor a business card is an easy way to get some initial information about the person you are talking to, of course knowing the visitor was coming to visit you these days we can also search LinkedIn to read more about the person before we even meet.
We call this functionality host badge pass authorization. Strengthening your site security by only allowing authorized visitors to sign in to your visitor management solution. Once the host has approved the visitor attending the location only then the visitor pass will be produced, in other words no visitor can receive a visitor pass until approved by an employee in your building. Any time in the future you can review which employee approved the visitor and produced the visitor pass.

2/ Compliance
Ever since visitor management software was introduced to replace visitor management books visitor compliance went to a whole new level. Visitor management software today has many features like automatically booking a pre-registered visitor through your outlook or Google calendar. While these features make the management of visitors to your building much easier for the host/employee building security staff like facilities management are looking for more in the way of compliance.

How do you manage visitor compliance in your buildings?
The most common way for visitors to be deemed compliant his for the visitor to complete a visitor induction that can include any questions or statements that you need answered or acknowledged at your location by your visitors.

Some example questions could be……

1/ What is the purpose of your visit today
2/ What is the name of the company you work for
3/ Who is your host?
4/ In the event of an emergency would you need assistance to evacuate?
5/ How long you intend on being on site today?

Some example statements could include……

1/ Smoking is not permitted while on the grounds of this hospital
2/ Taking photos of students while on campus with a mobile phone or camera is not permitted
3/ When entering this facility you must wear safety boots please confirm you are wearing safety boots
4/ You will be asked shortly to confirm our nondisclosure agreement

The next level of compliance includes the ability to confirm drivers license, passports or any other legal document that you need confirmed on the arrival of visitors to your location. The level of compliance needed by our customers goes from 0 to 10 with zero needing no compliance at all. Powerful visitor management software solutions will assist your company regardless of size and compliance needs.

If you would like to see a demonstration of visitor management software that can help you with the security and compliance requirements of your buildings please register below for a one on one 50 minute visitor management demonstration, need an onsite meeting, please call 1300 800 077 to discuss your requirements.

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Evacuation Reporting
How do you know the names of visitors on-site at your location in the event of an evacuation? For most companies the answer to this question is we simply do not know….. If you have a list of things that you would like to achieve in 2017 add improving your evacuation processes

How do you manage your visitors at your locations?

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