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Are you looking after your Lone Workers?

We now find more and more people are working alone whether it be a permanent remote locations, occupations taking workers into private homes such as doctors, health and community workers, contractors coming to site or sales representatives. These scenarios mean workers are away from other colleagues or other people with no immediate assistance, therefore increasing workplace hazards and risks and the consequences can be more severe.
lone worker

There are some strategies and procedure you can put in place to improve lone worker safety. One is by implementing a Visitor Management System with the following features;

  1. Nominate specific employees to act as Safety Operators – these safety operators are notified by email or SMS when the employee or contractor signs in and states that they are working alone. They can also be asked how long they are due to be on-site and if they don’t sign out at the expected time the safety operator will be notified once again so they can check in on the lone worker.
  2. Set up Lone Worker questions at sign in – whether the worker signs in at a kiosk or offsite on their mobile you can capture presence data like working alone status, duration onsite, purpose of visit and area/zone they are working in.
  3. Lone Worker Geolocation Tracking – using a feature of Visitor Management called WolMobile an employee or contractor can activate Geolocation tracking which allows the organisation to view their presence on a Google map. This can be viewed via a dashboard.
  4. Lone Worker Notifications – communicate any safety information you may need to in a pop-up message that the lone worker must acknowledge when signing in.

To find out more about improving the safety of not only your lone workers but all the people coming onsite at your organisation with a Visitor Management System;

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It’s time to upgrade your manual sign-in register…

You know you have said it before, but now is the time to make the change and make 2018 the year to upgrade your old manual sign in books with an automated Visitor Management System.

Manual vs Auto Sign in LARGE

An automated Visitor Management System takes the hassle away from your current manual process and will free up time at reception and many other administrative roles and departments allowing them to focus on more important revenue raising tasks.

A Visitor Management System will replace the old carbon copy books to sign in visitors but it can also do a lot more, just to mention a few;

  •  Improve visitor safety with short onsite inductions and evacuation information and procedures
  •  Easily manage contractor and supplier profiles and compliance through a Service Provider Portal
  •  Create online induction courses for contractors and employees
  •  Manage employee attendance ensuring they are accounted for in an emergency evacuation
  •  Real-time data for reporting on employee presence, contractor hours, evacuations and so much more
  •  Asset Management takes the hassle away from tracking where those assets are and who is responsible for them

Added benefits are that the system is web based so there is no software to download and it can be deployed in minutes.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Know who is on-site at a glance with customised dashboards…

Safety in the workplace starts with knowing who is on-site, so having access to an easy to read, real-time summary of information on key people presence at any time and at any given location is essential in the workplace.

See at a glance how many visitors, contractors and/or employees are on-site, either on your PC at your desk or on your mobile phone when you are out and about.

WOL Dashboard view

You can have unlimited customised dashboards including a GeoMap. Know where your contractors or employees are when working on multiple sites with GeoMap using a Google map display.

WOL Geo Map dashbpard

If you like the sound of these features and you would like to know more about how you could implement them at your workplace see below.

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3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

Why would you use a multi tenant visitor management system in your building? We have found 3 common reasons to include self serve kiosk/s in the foyer of your building to assist the concierge manage every single visitor and contractor coming into the location. Most buildings today do not register the name and contact details of the visitor or contractors coming into the building, some have a paper based system and even less have an electronic system in place. Many of the electronic systems in place do not have the functionality to allow multiple tenants on a single kiosk.

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3 reasons to have a Multi Tenant visitor management system in your building

1/ Security – every building today has a responsibility to the tenants in the building to know who should be onsite, who is onsite and who was onsite. Visitor management systems today with concierge functionality will give you all of this information.

  • Some customers only allow pre registered visitors to sign in, if you are not pre registered you are unable to sign in, you can only be pre registered by your host or an assistant to your host.
  • Some customers need the host to collect the visitor with the visitor pass only being released at the sign in kiosk or concierge desk once the host has approved the person signing in.

2/ Visibility – with a paper based system or no system at all there is no visibility. Once you move to an electronic concierge visitor management system you can have full visibility.

  • Full visibility of who is coming into the building with pre registration
  • Full visibility of who is in the building
  • Full visibility historically of who has been in the building in the past.

3/ Reporting – extensive and easy to use reporting gives access to all the data for the concierge if required and also for each tenant.

  • Run concierge reports including contractors time on site for invoicing
  • Run tenant reports allowing tenants to report on visitors who are due, onsite and who have been in the past

Additional functionality includes triggered messages when a person over stays the visit or does not sign out when leaving.

Need a concierge based visitor management system for your building – book in a demonstration and we will show you how customers are using the software to assist with the presence and compliance of visitors and contractors into your location/s


Air, Sea, Road & Rail select Time & People to implement Visitor, Contractor management software.

It is amazing how your customers collect together over a period of time, with a recent look over the existing Time & People customer base I discovered a great story about customers from Air, Sea, Road & Rail and I could not leave out Turf. Each of these customers have looked for Time & People to implement visitor management software to replace a visitor management book or visitor, contractor management software to manage the presence of visitors and contractors across one or many locations including employees inductions are another popular module. Each business and each location has the ability to set up the structure they need to manage the presence and compliance of people coming onto their locations along with evacuation management and detailed reporting.

Each of these companies are moving people and product, if I had to collectively put them into one industry category we could call it the Transport Industry.



1280px-QantasLink_logo.svg    alice springs airport        Darwin Airport      Virgin_Australia_logo.svg



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Key register management with Visitor Management software

Key management? if you manage keys you know what this is about. Have you ever heard “who had the key last” or “where is the key” or “I cant read what is written on the key register, I don’t know who has the master warehouse key” or “when is the key due back”

All of these problems disappear as soon as you have access to an electronic key register as part of your visitor management software. You can actually manage any item you issue that you expect to be returned including radios, projectors, access control cards and much more.

Do you issue assets likes keys and access control cards to visitor and contractors?

gold coast private hospitalGold Coast Private Hospital Managing over 1000 assets including keys

Christ Church                       Oxford University UK managing over 1000 assets including keys

NSW_Health                             Multiple hospitals across NSW including Royal Prince Alfred, Concord Repatriation, Liverpool Hospital managing assets including keys


asset1 - list of assets recently issued

Book in a demonstration and see how easy it is to manage your assets including keys as part of your visitor management process.

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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management – new features

The list of new features over the past 6 months is now amazingly long and over the past 8 years continues to see WhosOnLocation as a leader globally in the management of people presence in your building/s. Visitor Management in many instances is called upon when a building initially wants to replace a visitor book. Unknown to the management team of each building that looks to replace the visitor book is the depth of what can be done with Visitor Management software today.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software includes key modules that allow a company to manage much more than replacing the visitor books.

Visitor Management – replace your visitor management books
Pre Register visitors in advance – using your outlook or google calendar
Evacuation Management – Give your fire wardens the tools they can use
Contractor Management – Manage your suppliers from on-boarding to compliance including insurances, qualifications and more.
Asset Management – many buildings need to manage assets they issue to people and expect to be returned like keys
Photo ID cards – produce photo ID cards for employees and contractors that can be used to tap in and tap out your presence in one or across many buildings nationally or globally
Induction Management – Set up and manage unlimited online inductions for your employees and contractors.
Reports – What many companies want and need to manage the big data collected from thousands of transactions in your building/s

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Tracking licences, qualifications and certification compliance

We do not have a day go by now where a customer is asking about tracking some sort of license, qualification or certification. Whosonlocation visitor,, contractor management software makes it really easy to manage licenses, qualifications and certifications. There are many systems on the market today to help manage licenses qualifications and certifications however very few connect the expiry of the licence, qualification or certification to the person attending a location.

Some really common examples to share that we hear are still tracked manually include….

  1. Tracking working with children qualification expiry dates for contractors and volunteers into a school
  2. Tracking drivers licence for workers who need a drivers license as part of their daily working routine
  3. Tracking first-aid  expiry dates to make sure that all the first aiders our current.
  4. Tracking the exploration of a forklift license

Imagine a world where licenses, qualifications, certifications and inductions were managed electronically!! How much would this help you


I remember writing about qualifications over one year ago when one of our corporate customers who was using our visitor management software at head office explained the situation where there were thousands of certifications that needed to be tracked. These certifications were tracked manually in the spreadsheet. You can read the story here.

The receptionist in this story got a promotion and moved out of the reception position after introducing the electronic tracking of the certifications.

Do you need compliance in your business? Sign up for a 30 day trial ….

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Employee and Contractor qualifications – how can you keep track? Reception staff fast track your promotion!

I have been working recently with an Australian company with a turnover of more than 12 billion dollars along with more than 16000 employees. Companies today around the world of this size and larger have often found they are behind the curve when it comes to systems.

New companies formed in the past decade have driven the rise of new technology, cloud technology while some larger companies are coming on board over the past decade most large organisations are only just getting started with the types of technologies that can transform a business today no matter how large.

I am not surprised to see many of these large corporate companies managing thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces of information through spreadsheets. Cloud technology has and will change this spreadsheet phenomenon going forward forever.

Qualifications                                         qualifications for blog

Back to my story and my customer was managing thousands of qualifications connected to employees and contractors in a multiple spreadsheets that were not connected to each other across multiple locations. Monthly checking of spreadsheets to see what qualifications had expired or were about to expire was a regular manual process taking many hours every month.

Our customer was using our visitor management software to manage the presence of visitors on and off site at one head office in Melbourne. The receptionist at the time had a larger issue with qualifications, as she explained the issue to me they really did not have a good handle on who was qualified for what and there was so much data across multiple locations in multiple spreadsheets nothing was centralized. The receptionist could see an opportunity to improve on a business problem using existing Visitor Management software.


I showed the receptionist the qualifications module that was built into the visitor management software to manage the qualifications of employees and contractors.

OUTSTANDING was the response. I was asked if a few small changes could be made to the module to make it even easier on a such a large scale. Some of those initial changes gave easier reporting within a couple of clicks where you can see who has and who has not got a qualification. Assigning qualifications to roles makes the management even easier.


Moving forward and this clever receptionist has now been promoted away from the reception desk and under the National Manager for health and safety.

Examples of qualifications include first aid certificate, fire wardens, asbestos awareness, equal opportunity management, electrical licence etc. There are thousands and thousands of qualifications around the world, how do you track yours?

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Why are so many schools and universities signing up for Visitor Management Software?

2015 was a huge year for schools and Visitor Management software. Why have so many schools signed up in 2015 and what is going to happen in 2016? We expect the number of schools and universities to increase significantly through 2016 and 2017.

Visitor Management software has made available the ability to know electronically what visitors and contractors are on site, modules like the asset module allow easy management of assets issued that you expect returned. Small schools get to see historical information around visitors and contractors on site. Large schools with multiple buildings can expand the software into other parts of the school like the uniform room where parents bypass reception and just go directly to the uniform room.

Larger schools, Universities and schools with multiple locations can set up pre-approved contractors where during the approval process photos of the contractor can be recorded at the same time as collecting working with children information which can also go against the profile of the contractor.



Many schools have started using the Visitor Management sign in process for temporary employees to capture electronic sign in and out which gives total hours on site.employee_time_on_site

Evacuation Management is another hot topic when it comes to the larger schools and universities.

WOLEvac5- people verified safe

If you would like to book in a demonstration choose a time and day from the link below that suits your schedule and we can show you in detail how schools are using visitor management software.

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 Recent Schools who started using Visitor Management software

VM School Logos Dec 15

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