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Take the first steps towards a complete Emergency Evacuation Plan…….

When it comes to emergencies, nothing beats being prepared!
No-one can predict when an emergency will arise such as a medical emergency, intruder, explosion or one of many natural disasters frequent today; flood, fire or earthquakes.
To be prepared and keep your people safe in an event of an emergency, you must know where they should be and then be able to quickly verify their Safety. An automated visitor, contractor, employee management system helps you to do this.

The first step is to capture the information on arrival for everyone coming on-site and there are a number of ways this can be done;
Visitors – Sign-in via a kiosk at reception (iPad or touchscreen tablet).
kiosk 2
Employees/Contractors - could sign in the same way however doing this everyday can be tedious so we would recommend an ID or access card to tap/scan in and out.
Contractor_Plastic_ID_card_template        Employee ID Card

During this on-boarding process you can not only share information of what is expected of those coming on-site but you can also capture some important information that will be of great importance and assistance during an emergency;

1/. Share Important Safety Notices and Evacuation Maps –
No_Smoking       Evacuation Points lite induction

2/. Capture Mobile Numbers – To be used to send SMS asking #AreYouSafe in the event of an emergency.
3/. Staff and Visitors with a Disability - Ask this question during the sign in process and you will know who needs assistance in the event of an emergency.

Additional tools in the event of an emergency include;
WolEvac – this tool is for mobile and tablet devices and users would normally be employees who are safety marshals or fire wardens in a location. WolEvac allows them to;

  • Track that Zones are cleared
  • Send SMS asking #AreYouSafe
  • Perform a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  • View real-time verification progress
  • View post evacuation reports

    WolEvac Mobile

Print Evacuation Reports – from any PC you can export reports as a PDF including;

  • Person’s name
  • From
  • Mobile
  • Indicates if person requires assistance
  • Host Name (If a guest)Evac report

If you think your organisation would benefit from these evacuation tools and would like to take the next step towards a complete visitor, employee, contractor and evacuation management system contact us now.

For more information on Visitor Management and Evacuation Management call Time & People on 1300 800 077

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WOL Kiosknot WOL branded



Air, Sea, Road & Rail select Time & People to implement Visitor, Contractor management software.

It is amazing how your customers collect together over a period of time, with a recent look over the existing Time & People customer base I discovered a great story about customers from Air, Sea, Road & Rail and I could not leave out Turf. Each of these customers have looked for Time & People to implement visitor management software to replace a visitor management book or visitor, contractor management software to manage the presence of visitors and contractors across one or many locations including employees inductions are another popular module. Each business and each location has the ability to set up the structure they need to manage the presence and compliance of people coming onto their locations along with evacuation management and detailed reporting.

Each of these companies are moving people and product, if I had to collectively put them into one industry category we could call it the Transport Industry.



1280px-QantasLink_logo.svg    alice springs airport        Darwin Airport      Virgin_Australia_logo.svg



dcns            spirit of tasmania



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RACV selects Time & People to provide Visitor Management solution

racv logo

RACV is a great story of being patient and understanding that good things do come to those who wait as my mum always said. RACV first made an inquiry in 2014, then 2015 and never went ahead with any solution. Fast forward to 2017 and in October we took a call asking if we could solve a couple of what we thought were routine problems. RACV had purchased another software solution that was not matching the expectations promised through presentations of the software solution over a number of weeks. Despite a lot of effort RACV could not get the other Visitor Management software solution to work.

With a deadline looming for a new head office location RACV had to make a decision and thankfully they reached out to Time & People to ask if we could solve some very basic active directory issues that were not being resolved in the existing visitor management software. I will not share the name of the company but do hope they read this article. Offering a solution to a customer that you do not have working is a common issue today with every known software on the planet being replicated by multiple companies. Some are coming into the market to make a serious business, some are after the quick cash, many are not listening to customers and customers are doing what they do more and more every day, they are walking out to the next product that can solve the issues.

I am thankful that all the issues RACV were experiencing with another visitor management solution Time & People could solve.

I mentioned the deadline earlier, I took the call and was asked could we have RACV live in a matter of days, in hind site it was not that difficult as RACV already had the visitor management kiosk ready to go.  At the end of the pressure that everybody was under with the system live in both locations it was nice to get an email thanking the team for the effort we put in to get the two locations live.

If you are having an experience like RACV with a visitor management software system that is just not delivering what has been promised please book in a 15 minute call to discuss

Book in a 15 minute call –


More about RACV 


Our members

You become an RACV member when you purchase one of our products such as RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance, an RACV insurance policy or any other RACV product. Membership qualifies you for discounts across RACV and through partner businesses. These programs returned $185 million in savings to members. You also receive RACV’s award-winning member magazine, RoyalAuto, 11 times a year and numerous digital companions.

Our business

RACV operates in the areas of motoring and other transport, the home, leisure and travel, and retail. We provide products and services such as emergency roadside and home assistance, insurance and finance, resorts, other leisure and travel services, home security, drive school and vehicle inspections. Under our mutual structure, the value in the organisation is returned to members through discounts and benefits with these products and services, and more.

Our people

RACV has more than 2000 employees who work under the leadership of an 11-member non-executive board and Managing Director and CEO Neil Taylor. As well as at RACV headquarters in Melbourne’s CBD, RACV staff and contractors serve members’ needs at shops and agencies all over Victoria, at the roadside and in the home. We also welcome members at RACV resorts in country Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

iPad visitor management – which system is right for me?

There are literally hundreds of iPad visitor management software solutions globally now, what makes one different from the rest? If you thought they were all the same well you could be correct for a moment until you took a look under the hood.

While so many iPad visitor management systems have hit the market the key thing missing from 90% of the systems is customer communication. It is very true you only get what you pay for and this applies to visitor management software today.

iPad visitor management Apps on the app store which one should I choose?

Searching out the apps on the app store all but a couple have not had updates since before 2016, in other words nothing new has been added to the app since before 2016, this is an instant indicator the software has not been improved upon since the last update back in 2016.

The big three that I can see are WhosOnLocation, Sine and Envoy, all current and all very modern solutions. The majority of the remainder of the iPad visitor management apps are either to old, to complex to operate or have not been updated in 2017. Visitor Management is a growth market, it is not possible to be listening to customers and not be creating a better product, creating a better product means your product must have some updates, updates mean you are listening to your customer needs.

Where are the servers stored?

This question comes up a lot…WhosOnLocation has servers in each country, if you are in Australia your data stays in Australia, if you are based in USA your data will stay in USA. If you are a truly global company and want a centralised data base of all you locations globally then you will select which country you want your data stored. Some customers need Australian data stored in Australia and UK data stored in the UK. Each company will have their own policies. Some visitor management systems only store data in USA and this can be an issue if you are a government or private company and your policy is your data is not to leave the shores of the country you are based.

So what is under the hood?

All three visitor management software products mentioned do an awesome job of Visitor Management, if this is all you need then any of the three will satisfy depending on your visitor management needs, for example you may have a lot of groups come through, some systems do a great job of group management where some have not even thought about groups.

What if I want more?

WhosOnLocation is the standout for giving you more functionality, more bang for your buck. Longevity in the market is what has separated WhosOnLocation from other solutions on the market especially those solutions that only work on an iPad or that have been invented in the last 5 years. WhosOnLocation is the only visitor management iPad app that comes with an evacuation app, the rest simply run evacuation reports.  Contractor Management is another area that WhosOnLocation stands out in, if you need contractor management as part of your visitor management system you need WhosOnLocation.

Need to engage contractors, no iPad app solution from the app store is going to satisfy your hunger for compliance, inductions, qualifications, asset management and more.

So what do visitor management systems cost?

At the time of writing WhosOnLocation starts at $49 per month, Sine starts at $59 per month and Envoy starts at $99 per month

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software into another location – Danebank College

Time & People over the past couple of years have made significant contributions to the school and college community with hundreds schools, colleges and universities all using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software.

Many have started with one location before expanding out to additional locations connected to the school or additional schools connected to the group of schools or colleges.

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation had the first school go live with WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software at Thomas Hassle Anglican College at Middleton Grange in NSW. Over the past few months Shellharbour Anglican College, Nowra Anglican College and St Lukes Grammer have all come on board moving away from manual visitor and contractor books. The most recent college for Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation is Danebank College also looking to move away from manual visitor and contractor management.

Danebank like many schools and colleges also saw the benefits of the Assets Module where keys and any other asset are currently managed through notebooks or spreadsheets manually. Moving to an electronic register of assets like keys centralises all of the information from one or more key issuers.

Other schools and colleges to recently move to electronic visitor and/or contractor management include…

Wilderness School – South Australia
Knox Grammer School – NSW
Montessori School – Canberra
St Marks Catholic College NSW
Ravenswood School – Gordon NSW
Banora Point Primary School – Banora Point NSW
Sacred Heart College – WA
Rosebank College – Rosebank NSW
All Saints Anglican College QLD
Brigidine College – St Ives NSW


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2 reasons why you will use a visitor management system in 2017

While there are any number of reasons why you may consider using a visitor management software solution in your business in 2017 there are two reasons that stand out.

1/ Security
The number one reason for companies to implement a visitor management software solution in 2017 will be security. As technology continues to grow and expand bringing us new products like driver-less cars and pizza delivered by drones building security technology is also expanding. How can a visitor management software solution help you in your buildings with security?

Increasingly we are being asked by customers to only allow a visitor on site who has been approved by the host. If a visitor turns up to a location and has not been pre-registered the visitor management software can stop the visitor from gaining access. This feature that can be turned on or turned off can increase your visitor security in your buildings.

How do you know if John Smith who has just signed in on your visitor book is actually John Smith?

An example of how visitor management software could assist you to confirm that John Smith is John Smith would be the ability for the host to collect the visitor on arrival after receiving and email or SMS advising of the visitor arrival. Through a self serve kiosk the host could acknowledge the visitor is who they say they are. If you’ve never met the visitor a business card is an easy way to get some initial information about the person you are talking to, of course knowing the visitor was coming to visit you these days we can also search LinkedIn to read more about the person before we even meet.
We call this functionality host badge pass authorization. Strengthening your site security by only allowing authorized visitors to sign in to your visitor management solution. Once the host has approved the visitor attending the location only then the visitor pass will be produced, in other words no visitor can receive a visitor pass until approved by an employee in your building. Any time in the future you can review which employee approved the visitor and produced the visitor pass.

2/ Compliance
Ever since visitor management software was introduced to replace visitor management books visitor compliance went to a whole new level. Visitor management software today has many features like automatically booking a pre-registered visitor through your outlook or Google calendar. While these features make the management of visitors to your building much easier for the host/employee building security staff like facilities management are looking for more in the way of compliance.

How do you manage visitor compliance in your buildings?
The most common way for visitors to be deemed compliant his for the visitor to complete a visitor induction that can include any questions or statements that you need answered or acknowledged at your location by your visitors.

Some example questions could be……

1/ What is the purpose of your visit today
2/ What is the name of the company you work for
3/ Who is your host?
4/ In the event of an emergency would you need assistance to evacuate?
5/ How long you intend on being on site today?

Some example statements could include……

1/ Smoking is not permitted while on the grounds of this hospital
2/ Taking photos of students while on campus with a mobile phone or camera is not permitted
3/ When entering this facility you must wear safety boots please confirm you are wearing safety boots
4/ You will be asked shortly to confirm our nondisclosure agreement

The next level of compliance includes the ability to confirm drivers license, passports or any other legal document that you need confirmed on the arrival of visitors to your location. The level of compliance needed by our customers goes from 0 to 10 with zero needing no compliance at all. Powerful visitor management software solutions will assist your company regardless of size and compliance needs.

If you would like to see a demonstration of visitor management software that can help you with the security and compliance requirements of your buildings please register below for a one on one 50 minute visitor management demonstration, need an onsite meeting, please call 1300 800 077 to discuss your requirements.

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Evacuation Reporting
How do you know the names of visitors on-site at your location in the event of an evacuation? For most companies the answer to this question is we simply do not know….. If you have a list of things that you would like to achieve in 2017 add improving your evacuation processes

How do you manage your visitors at your locations?

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Building Evacuation Management Software 3 minute video

Visitor Management software traditionally has always missed the evacuation process. Having all of your presence on site by visitors, contractors and employees electronic and then needing to print a who is on site report manually just does not make any sense.

Introducing WolEvac an evacuation app made specifically for fire wardens. Removing the manual processes around evacuation while connecting multiple fire wardens together no matter how large your location/s.

Get detailed compliance reporting at the end of your evacuation drill/event



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Should I choose an iPad only for my Visitor Management System

Just about every visitor management software solution today has an iPad app, you can go to the App Store and find dozens of products, I remember touching on this several years ago and here we are two years later and not much has changed. Read my article for several years ago

iPad apps for visitor management allow you to get started quickly, you can set up your system normally within minutes, most systems allow import of excel spreadsheets to load employee data, only a few have active directory or similar integration. Problem with iPad apps is very quickly when you ask enough questions you discover they fall short of full functionality required to manage every person in your building for evacuation purposes.

Active directory integration is widely used in systems where hundreds and thousands of employees are involved on a single or across multiple locations, I remember late last year one customer loaded 42,000 employees into a single location that actually had around 100 employees because the companies main database did not have location based categories set up. I have only seen this once but I know when talking to many IT staff that some databases need to be cleaned up before they can export out to another system.

Once you have loaded your employees into the database they can be selected by a visitor as a host when the visitor signs in.

Many of the iPad apps available for visitor management allow the visitor to sign in, maybe take a photo and maybe offer a non disclosure agreement, only 1 or 2 offer a detailed visitor induction for compliance. One of the questions that should be asked when purchasing an iPad visitor management system is how compliant do we need to be?

Wifi or not to Wifi

The biggest issue we hear about from companies that have purchased iPad only Visitor Management systems is Wifi. If you have any Wifi Issues at all the Visitor Management software can seem not to be working well. You can type an email while on an iPad and the Wifi could drop out three times while you are typing and you would not even know, when signing in a visitor live you cannot have any Wifi issues at all. Recently a customer came to me after purchasing an iPad only solution and they had Wifi issues in the office, he even tried buying an adapter to connect the iPad to the network but he told me this failed as well, then he purchase our software as it runs on any device, he purchased a 10inch windows tablet and problem solved.


Most companies today want better compliance. No company wants to be sued because a visitor injures themselves while on site. Every company must do as much as possible to advise visitors of any site issues when signing in. MOST iPad visitor management systems don’t provide a way for your company to be compliant.

Read more about visitor compliance 


Nearly all visitor management systems for iPads today do not have an evacuation module, most of them will produce a list of the visitors that you can print or see online electronically, only a couple have an evacuation module giving fire wardens mobile functionality. Only a couple will capture employee presence on site and very few will include this employee data in the evacuation module.


Nearly all of the iPad apps for visitor management ignore contractors because they have been built to handle visitors only. More than 7 years ago we included a contractor module at the request of customers. In 2010 Unilever Canada took the contractor module to the next level with the module now including many features to assist in the management of contractors, features that nearly all iPad apps for visitor management do not have because they do not have a contractor module.

If you need to manage evacuations, contractors, inductions or anything else more than just visitors then you may find an iPad app visitor management solution falls short of your companies expectations.

If you need to track visitors only you will find many apps online or at the App Store, if you need to manage anything else you should book in a demonstration to explore additional functionality

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Read how Darwin international Airport are using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software

Why are so many schools and universities signing up for Visitor Management Software?

2015 was a huge year for schools and Visitor Management software. Why have so many schools signed up in 2015 and what is going to happen in 2016? We expect the number of schools and universities to increase significantly through 2016 and 2017.

Visitor Management software has made available the ability to know electronically what visitors and contractors are on site, modules like the asset module allow easy management of assets issued that you expect returned. Small schools get to see historical information around visitors and contractors on site. Large schools with multiple buildings can expand the software into other parts of the school like the uniform room where parents bypass reception and just go directly to the uniform room.

Larger schools, Universities and schools with multiple locations can set up pre-approved contractors where during the approval process photos of the contractor can be recorded at the same time as collecting working with children information which can also go against the profile of the contractor.



Many schools have started using the Visitor Management sign in process for temporary employees to capture electronic sign in and out which gives total hours on site.employee_time_on_site

Evacuation Management is another hot topic when it comes to the larger schools and universities.

WOLEvac5- people verified safe

If you would like to book in a demonstration choose a time and day from the link below that suits your schedule and we can show you in detail how schools are using visitor management software.

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 Recent Schools who started using Visitor Management software

VM School Logos Dec 15

What is the difference between a Floor Warden and a Chief Warden in an evacuation drill?

Every building has an evacuation drill process, after talking to hundreds of customers over the past few months about evacuation drills I can see the level of process, accountability and systems vary dramatically from one building to another. Multiple location companies have different systems for individual locations creating no consistency with the process. Some companies completely outsource the process.

What is the difference between a Floor Warden and a Chief Warden? and who is a Deputy Floor Warden? Many companies have multiple Floor Wardens and Chief Wardens, you need to take into account employees being on holiday or calling in sick, you do not want to find yourself running your first evacuation drill only to have key people missing, you need back up.

Lets run through the roles typically associated with each of these roles.


First a floor warden must be familiar with all of the procedures for an evacuation drill including The operation of the fire alarm system or emergency warning system. The Floor Wardens must also be familiar with any equipment that must be used in the event of an emergency. Floor Warden as the name suggests is for a person or persons who will manage a floor of a building or a zone of the building. Typically a building will have multiple floor wardens this in itself creates communication issues when running an evacuation drill in large buildings.

The Floor Warden must understand the exit routes and backup exit routes out of the building in the event of an emergency as the floor wardens will often be guiding visitors employees and contractors out of the building.  The floor wardens must also know who may need assistance….how can you be alerted about the people that need help?

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

Once a Floor Warden has cleared their floor they can go and assist other Floor Wardens to clear their floors. Floor Wardens may also be required to carry out the initial fire fighting procedures running fire extinguishers to assist bring the situation under control.

Watch a short 4 minute video showing how evacuation management has now gone electronic giving Floor Wardens tools to manage the evacuation process easier than ever before with detailed after the event reporting.

What Roles does a Floor Warden have in an emergency?

  • Once aware of an emergency commence to evacuate the Floor Wardens Floor or Zone
  • Commence communication with the Chief Warden to provide updates
  • Confirm with the Chief Warden your floor is clear and asked what else can I do to help



A Deputy Floor warden needs to step up when the Floor Warden is not available through leave or sickness or has been injured during the emergency. A Deputy Floor Warden takes on the role of Floor Warden in the absence of the Floor Warden. During an emergency where the Floor Warden is available the Deputy Floor Warden will assist in all of the duties to clear the floor or zone.


The Chief Floor Warden typically triggers the event, commences communication with all of the Floor Wardens and ensure the procedures are being followed as the building is cleared. the Chief Floor Warden will bring together all of the available information to confirm the building is clear of visitors, contractors and employees.

Any Floor Warden with the correct training can step up and be the Chief Floor Warden on the day of an evacuation where the Chief Floor Warden is absent.

How can you clear the employees, visitors and contractors in your building? How can you know who is safe and who is missing? After talking to hundreds of customers it is clear that very few have good structured practices for evacuation management, multiple floor wardens in large buildings with one visitor book, a print out of employees and a contractor book can be very awkward to manage, almost impossible I say.

What if you could have multiple floor wardens all with an app on their phone confirming people safe all at the same time that also provided a centralized place for communication between all floor wardens?Swipe safe


Book in a demonstration of the Visitor Management Software including the evacuation module


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