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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 2

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers
will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 2

In buildings with multiple tenants it would look strange to see 20 visitor management kiosks one for each tenant,
why not install one kiosk to manage all 20 tenants?



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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 1

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 1

Share with your visitors and contractors when you will be closed over the holiday/vacation period. Easily create a slide with specific information you would like every visitor and contractor to be aware of prior to signing in.



Multi Tenant Visitor Management System functionality will change the way you manage multiple tenants.

As more time goes buy and more customers come on board using visitor management systems the functionality of visitor management systems must continue to evolve. Here is our most significant feature update for 2017 – Concierge desk management for multiple tenants. We have many customers managing multiple tenants in a single building, up until recently it was a little awkward and time consuming managing multiple tenants in the one building through the visitor management system.

Any concierge person given the correct access to the visitor management system can now sign in visitors for any tenant in the building, each tenant must have their own account. Every tenant can pre-register visitors coming to the location giving the concierge desk visibility of all visitors coming into the building from a central concierge desk. Some customers have turned on the feature to only allow pre-registered visitors to sign in stopping cold callers or marketers trying to get in the door. If you are not pre-registered you will not get in if this feature is turned on.

Setting up a visitor management system concierge desk kiosk will increase security of all people coming into the building including visitors, contractors and can even include the presence of employees on site for evacuation purposes.


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Air, Sea, Road & Rail select Time & People to implement Visitor, Contractor management software.

It is amazing how your customers collect together over a period of time, with a recent look over the existing Time & People customer base I discovered a great story about customers from Air, Sea, Road & Rail and I could not leave out Turf. Each of these customers have looked for Time & People to implement visitor management software to replace a visitor management book or visitor, contractor management software to manage the presence of visitors and contractors across one or many locations including employees inductions are another popular module. Each business and each location has the ability to set up the structure they need to manage the presence and compliance of people coming onto their locations along with evacuation management and detailed reporting.

Each of these companies are moving people and product, if I had to collectively put them into one industry category we could call it the Transport Industry.



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dcns            spirit of tasmania



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RACV selects Time & People to provide Visitor Management solution

racv logo

RACV is a great story of being patient and understanding that good things do come to those who wait as my mum always said. RACV first made an inquiry in 2014, then 2015 and never went ahead with any solution. Fast forward to 2017 and in October we took a call asking if we could solve a couple of what we thought were routine problems. RACV had purchased another software solution that was not matching the expectations promised through presentations of the software solution over a number of weeks. Despite a lot of effort RACV could not get the other Visitor Management software solution to work.

With a deadline looming for a new head office location RACV had to make a decision and thankfully they reached out to Time & People to ask if we could solve some very basic active directory issues that were not being resolved in the existing visitor management software. I will not share the name of the company but do hope they read this article. Offering a solution to a customer that you do not have working is a common issue today with every known software on the planet being replicated by multiple companies. Some are coming into the market to make a serious business, some are after the quick cash, many are not listening to customers and customers are doing what they do more and more every day, they are walking out to the next product that can solve the issues.

I am thankful that all the issues RACV were experiencing with another visitor management solution Time & People could solve.

I mentioned the deadline earlier, I took the call and was asked could we have RACV live in a matter of days, in hind site it was not that difficult as RACV already had the visitor management kiosk ready to go.  At the end of the pressure that everybody was under with the system live in both locations it was nice to get an email thanking the team for the effort we put in to get the two locations live.

If you are having an experience like RACV with a visitor management software system that is just not delivering what has been promised please book in a 15 minute call to discuss

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More about RACV 


Our members

You become an RACV member when you purchase one of our products such as RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance, an RACV insurance policy or any other RACV product. Membership qualifies you for discounts across RACV and through partner businesses. These programs returned $185 million in savings to members. You also receive RACV’s award-winning member magazine, RoyalAuto, 11 times a year and numerous digital companions.

Our business

RACV operates in the areas of motoring and other transport, the home, leisure and travel, and retail. We provide products and services such as emergency roadside and home assistance, insurance and finance, resorts, other leisure and travel services, home security, drive school and vehicle inspections. Under our mutual structure, the value in the organisation is returned to members through discounts and benefits with these products and services, and more.

Our people

RACV has more than 2000 employees who work under the leadership of an 11-member non-executive board and Managing Director and CEO Neil Taylor. As well as at RACV headquarters in Melbourne’s CBD, RACV staff and contractors serve members’ needs at shops and agencies all over Victoria, at the roadside and in the home. We also welcome members at RACV resorts in country Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

Liverpool Hospital share Contractor Management statistics after implementation

South West Sydney LHN

This week we put together some numbers for Liverpool hospital, just a few months after going live with the Visitor, Contractor Management software Peter Shaheed the Business and Energy Manager  provided some pre implementation statistics on the previous systems in place which included an existing online induction system, we then placed some post implementation numbers against the pre implementation numbers..

Induction Completion Rate – Pre Implementation 45%

Post Implementation 43% for all contractors and 100% for all contractors attending the location – based on 376 Contractors where 162 have completed the Induction. The 162 that have completed the induction are the 162 who have attended the location giving a 100% success rate for contractors attending the location. Contractors are unable to sign in their presence on site unless the induction is completed since the system has gone live.

Insurances submitted Pre Implementation 30%

Post Implementation 56% based on 41 out of 73 Contractor Organisations submitting Public Liability Insurance. 100% success rate for contractors attending the location. Contractors are unable to sign in their presence on site unless the insurances are loaded in the system.

Contractors signing out
Contractors Sign-Out Pre Implementation 45%
Post Implementation 98% Based on 600 Sign-Ins, 10 of whom are still Signed-In after 24 hours

Contractors Returned keys
Pre Implementation 98%
Post Implementation 100%

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Home Visits – How do you know your employees are safe?

While working with a number of customers over the past few weeks we have unlocked lone worker functionality in our software that really assists with the knowledge of knowing where and when employees are moving into potentially dangerous situations. I remember many years ago my sister was working as a lone worker in community care in Dubbo where there were a number of very dangerous situations, my sister was simply trying to do her job to the best of her ability. My sisters employer actually did not know which home Michelle was visiting as Michelle could go out for 4 hours and go to multiple homes in one day based on incoming calls. I remember some of the stories where Michelle found herself in volatile situations. As a lone worker Michelle could only share information with the office after the fact.

While some systems exist for known dangerous situations for employees that can be quite costly what do you do when your employees may find themselves unexpectedly in a potentially dangerous situation.

Imagine if on arrival to a location you could register where you are with a GPS pin on a map and also nominate a level of risk that you feel about the visit. For example Low risk, Medium risk and High risk. You could also advise how many minutes the visit was going to go for, for example 30 minutes. Imagine if you had not signed out safe at 31 minutes, What if your office could be pinged a message to say you had not yet left the location? We could set up a trigger to fire at 31 minutes sending a message to the nominated person this issue would be escalated to.

Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_1 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_2 Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_3Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_4Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_5Mobile_Phone_lone_worker_6

Imagine if your employer was sent a message immediately to notify that you were going into a high risk situation. Imagine seeing all of your staff on a map with GPS allowing you to know how long each employee had been at the current location.

You can also turn on functionality to track the employee live from one location to another as they move around if this is required in your business.

This customer in community care wants to improve the current systems where currently there is no notification back at the office on the movements of the staff during the day until they return or a situation occurs.

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SLHD expand Visitor Contractor Management system to include Concord Hospital

After a very successful implementation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at Camperdown NSW by Time & People Pty Ltd Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) have added Concord Hospital to the centralised Visitor, Contractor and Induction management system.  SLHD had an existing visitor contractor management software solution that was causing issues in a number of areas. Next hospital on the list is Sydney Dental.

SLHD needed a better way to centralise contractor information across multiple locations including inductions. SLHD also took advantage of the insurance module to list copies of suppliers insurance policies. With insurance policies in the software when a contractor signs in the dates of the insurance policies are instantly checked to confirm the insurance is valid.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) comprises 5 major hospitals in Sydney NSW.

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital tick
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital tick
  • Canterbury Hospital
  • Sydney Dental Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital


SLHD made contact earlier this year with a number of issues with an existing system that had been in place for almost 2 years. Time & People were called in to discuss the issues and provide a more robust centralised solution to the Engineering Departments at each hospital responsible for the management of all contractors on site.

The system had to drive contractor compliance.

The Engineering departments are managed centrally from RPA by Nik and his team with engineering teams at each hospital.

Initially implementing at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital SLHD were very quick to add Concord Repatriation General Hospital to centralise the management of both hospitals with the WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software. Many of the suppliers that provide services at RPA also provide services to the other hospitals in the network.

Having a centralised system of compliance means it does not matter which location the contractors sign into, the compliance of the Supplier including insurances plus the employees of the suppliers including inductions and qualifications are checked in a matter of seconds. Any supplier or contractor who is not compliant with expired insurances or out of date inductions will be denied access immediately.


When I asked Nik why he selected Time & People to provide a Visitor Contractor solution to replace an existing system he said easier to use more reliable software.

SLHD have taken advantage of many of the modules and features in WhosOnLocation to manage the compliance of contractors including

  • Sign in and sign out every visit
  • Notification alerts on arrival and departure
  • Contractor online Inductions
  • Contractor location specific kiosk induction
  • Contractor insurances
  • Contractor qualifications
  • Denial of access for non compliance
  • Asset module to manage the issuance of keys

Nik said the roll out was going excellent and Canterbury Hospital will be next.

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Sydney Local Health District – SLHD expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management system to include Canterbury Hospital with Time & People

After a very successful implementation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital at Camperdown NSW and Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Concord NSW by Time & People Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) have added Canterbury Hospital to the centralised Visitor, Contractor, Induction management system WhosOnLocation.

Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) comprises 5 major hospitals in Sydney NSW.

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital tick
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital tick
  • Canterbury Hospital tick
  • Sydney Dental Hospital
  • Balmain Hospital

Centralising common contractors across multiple locations and managing the compliance of these contractors has never been easier….find out why Sydney Local Health District have expanded to more locations now including Canterbury Cospital.

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Cracking customer suggestion – and we could do it out of the box

I had a customer come to me last week and explain how they had contractors who would go onto the roof of the building for any number of reasons including air conditioning, antennas and general maintenance. The issue as it was explained to me was the customer never knew when the contractors were actually on the roof and the biggest issue when they were actually off the roof. As the process was explained to me in detail about the contractor arriving on site and completing the necessary paperwork to go onto the roof the biggest concern of the customer was not that the paperwork had been completed or the process in which the paperwork needs to be completed the biggest issue was shared where a contractor who has been approved to go onto the roof does not actually indicate that they are off the roof safely as the contractor could not find the facilities manager to confirm they were off the roof.

The customer asked if it was possible that the contractor to advise electronically that they are going onto the roof “NOW” if the contractor could trigger at the time of going onto the roof that they are “NOW” going onto the roof. Whosonlocation does have the ability to create a trigger so we created a zone called I am “Now going onto the roof” and another called I am ”NOW off the roof safely”

The end result you can see below where the contractor must acknowledge they are now going onto the roof which will immediately send an SMS or email to one or many people that need to be notified, equally important and to resolve the biggest issue the customer was having was to notify that the contractor was now off the roof safely.

Contractor advises going onto the roof – Message can be sent to one or many automatically by SMS and/or email advising appropriate staff

IMG_4474                 Contractor_on_roof_text_message

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