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RACV selects Time & People to provide Visitor Management solution

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RACV is a great story of being patient and understanding that good things do come to those who wait as my mum always said. RACV first made an inquiry in 2014, then 2015 and never went ahead with any solution. Fast forward to 2017 and in October we took a call asking if we could solve a couple of what we thought were routine problems. RACV had purchased another software solution that was not matching the expectations promised through presentations of the software solution over a number of weeks. Despite a lot of effort RACV could not get the other Visitor Management software solution to work.

With a deadline looming for a new head office location RACV had to make a decision and thankfully they reached out to Time & People to ask if we could solve some very basic active directory issues that were not being resolved in the existing visitor management software. I will not share the name of the company but do hope they read this article. Offering a solution to a customer that you do not have working is a common issue today with every known software on the planet being replicated by multiple companies. Some are coming into the market to make a serious business, some are after the quick cash, many are not listening to customers and customers are doing what they do more and more every day, they are walking out to the next product that can solve the issues.

I am thankful that all the issues RACV were experiencing with another visitor management solution Time & People could solve.

I mentioned the deadline earlier, I took the call and was asked could we have RACV live in a matter of days, in hind site it was not that difficult as RACV already had the visitor management kiosk ready to go.  At the end of the pressure that everybody was under with the system live in both locations it was nice to get an email thanking the team for the effort we put in to get the two locations live.

If you are having an experience like RACV with a visitor management software system that is just not delivering what has been promised please book in a 15 minute call to discuss

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Visitor Management software integrated with Brivo Access Control

Brivo Access Control is one of the first access control systems to go cloud, what does that mean that your access control, is in the cloud? The simple answer is everything becomes easier with better access control data and easier access to access control data, more mobility and flexibility.

Imagine if you could reduce the cost of your access control system by the cost of the access control cards only, what would this cost be to your business. Technology is moving and you can now access a building with your mobile phone, no card required. This is Brivo Cloud Access Control. I have spoken to customers who pay as much as $50 per access control card, multiply this by 500 employees and this is a massive cost. I have been in buildings where the cost of lost cards annually exceeds $10,000….how many cards do you lose annually and what is the cost to your business. Many customers tell me how employees could have 3,4 or 5 cards in their desk. The employee comes in Monday and forgot the card so gets issued a temporary card. I have been in an office on Monday morning where the security team issue 50+ cards every Monday to staff who have forgotten cards. These cards have a cost and many are sitting in draws.

What if your building did not need access control cards and the associated costs?

What problems does Brivo Access Control solve for you?

  • Manage entry into your buildings remotely so when your employees forget their access cards, you can allow entry from anywhere
  • Using Brivo gives you the freedom to work where you please, while being able to run access for your business from one central location
  • Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees and customers so they can enter your sites with just their smartphone
  • Spend less time managing your security, and more time running your business

How does Brivo Access Control work with Visitor Management software? – This is a great question, why would you integrate access control with a visitor management software solution? The number one answer to this question is an evacuation report for the building that includes all employees, visitors and contractors who are currently on site. Typically access control systems do a good job with employees but visitors and contractors even if issued an access control card can be hit and miss. Integrating Brivo Access Control with Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software allows you to build out the ultimate and most accurate evacuation report for your building/s

Brivo’s mission is to provide commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market. To us, that means making the best access control systems in the world at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

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Deputy Integrates with WhosOnLocation

Deputy employee time and attendance and rostering cloud software for small business has integrated this month with WhosOnLocation to create a best of breeds solution. Deputy customers were asking for evacuation reporting and WhosOnLocation customers were asking for Time & Attendance and rostering, the integration is a perfect match.

Deputy has different styles of customers, many under 50 employees like coffee shops and retail. Deputy has been a huge hit in this market taking over the market with more than 40,000 customers globally now. Prior to Deputy most of these companies were using paper time sheets or spreadsheets, some were using facebook as a place to notify of your absence as no other low cost solution existed. Deputy has grown over the past 8 years with larger customers coming on board. Thrifty use Deputy nationally managing 8-10 staff in dozens of locations around the country. In 2017 Deputy started being used by Qantas where now more than 2000 employees have started using Deputy.

Customer who have already taken advantage of the integration include Cinerent who manage St George Open Air Cinema each year and Counsel’s Chambers Limited

Time & People provide employee, visitor & contractor presence on site and compliance software solutions to companies through Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, , Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. Time & People were announced partner of the year 2017 for Deputy

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Visitor Management software improves active directory database

One of the best unexpected advantages of setting up Visitor Management software is the improvements that are made to an existing active directory database. Active directory is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows server operating systems as set of processes and services. Initially Active Directory was only in charge of centralized domain management. In English for the purpose of visitor management active directory includes a list of all the employees in the company with email address and contact number.

When a customer sets up the visitor management software if you have more than 80 employees generally you are using active directory or a program similar. One of the reasons you will use active directory is to have your centralized employee list.

Recent examples of what can happen with your active directory database when you start using visitor management software and you want to sync with AD

1/ One customer pulled 40,000 records into one location not realizing the active directory database had not been segmented into employees at each location, with hundreds of locations all 40,000 employees were loaded into one location. For this customer we had to delete all of the data and load employees for each location manually until the active directory database was set up correctly for the purpose of sharing with other solutions.

2/ The active directory database gets updated as it had not been updated for a long time, this is the most common benefit of wanting to start using a visitor management software solution and syncing with active directory.

Implementing a visitor management system will improve your active directory database.

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Contractor Management – Reporting on High Risk suppliers

Got this cracker of a question from one of our customers this week using the software nationally…

Hi Peter

Is there any way that we can add RISK to a Service provider so that it is viewed on the main summary page and exported.. eg High, Medium, Low RISK ?

Contractor Risk – Do you need to know?


This is a great question and one we get frequently, here is another variation from a large global customer only a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Peter
We want to deny access to a service provider based on a variable which is built into our main global supplier system that scores contractors based on all the information available including external information not provided by the contractor. We grade suppliers into the following groups

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D
Grade E
Grade F

So how hard is this to set up?

First you have to create a contractor category “Contractor Risk” and then create some groups High Risk, Medium Risk and Low Risk

Next you will assign the risk level to each contractor company (supplier). You can manually update each individual supplier on a small data base or you can automate with our API pulling data from much larger internal systems you already have in place.

Many systems are in place all over the world tracking the risk of suppliers, what is missing from nearly all of the systems is there is no connection between the arrival of a contractor and the internal risk database. This is where Visitor Contractor management software steps in where we capture the presence of each person on site by asking them to sign in and sign out instantly connecting the sign in process with the risk data that has been collected.

Now for something you may not have expected, when a contractor signs in from a company that is set to the group High Risk we can trigger a message out to the nominated person for your company alerting you to the fact that a high risk company has just signed in.

An example trigger action
{{}} from {{match.from}} just signed in and is a HIGH RISK contractor
You can contact the contractor – the mobile is {{}}

Once all of this is set up you can go to “organizations” and run a report using the drop down lists to select the group “High Risk”

It is really nice when a customer comes up with an idea of how they would like to use your software and you can say it is already in the system out of the box, you just have to set this up :))

Just this week I met with a company that has hundreds of companies around Australia, risk is a high priority and is a part of the contractor compliance. The company does an excellent job of having all the data up to date but no one checks the contractor when they arrive on site, there is no connection between a compliance issue like an expired insurance policy and the contractor arriving on site. Visitor Contractor management software solves this issue instantly.

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Integration with okta – Do I need this?

From the okta website….

Okta connects any person with any application on any device.

It’s an enterprise-grade, identity management service, built for the cloud, but compatible with many on-premises applications. With Okta, IT can manage any employee’s access to any application or device. Okta runs in the cloud, on a secure, reliable, extensively audited platform, which integrates deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems.

The Okta solution was born of the unique challenges of how technology has grown and shifted in the growing diversity of devices, identity issues, security, employee mobility, vender partnership, and the exponential growth of unique application options.

The more I read the more I can see the power of okta and the huge problems okta solves

okta is a single solution that will make it easier for your employees to sign into many applications. The more the cloud takes over the more we need okta.

WhosOnLocation visitor management software also works with okta.

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