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10 popular ideas from customers for your visitor management kiosk – Suggestion 2

A visitor management kiosk allows you to do a lot and this series will share with you 10 popular things customers
will do with their visitor management kiosk.

Customer top idea number 2

In buildings with multiple tenants it would look strange to see 20 visitor management kiosks one for each tenant,
why not install one kiosk to manage all 20 tenants?



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Know who is on-site at a glance with customised dashboards…

Safety in the workplace starts with knowing who is on-site, so having access to an easy to read, real-time summary of information on key people presence at any time and at any given location is essential in the workplace.

See at a glance how many visitors, contractors and/or employees are on-site, either on your PC at your desk or on your mobile phone when you are out and about.

WOL Dashboard view

You can have unlimited customised dashboards including a GeoMap. Know where your contractors or employees are when working on multiple sites with GeoMap using a Google map display.

WOL Geo Map dashbpard

If you like the sound of these features and you would like to know more about how you could implement them at your workplace see below.

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What country is your data held with your Visitor Management System?

When you start using a visitor management system that is cloud based and electronic automatically all of your data is stored in the cloud. This is not a problem as there are millions of solutions now storing data in the cloud. Data warehouses around the globe have become professional and provide the tightest of securities to protect your information.

But what if you’re based in one country and the service you subscribed to is based in another country for example what if you’re based in Sydney Australia and you subscribed to a service coming out of the UK. Where is your data? The overwhelming answer to “where is your data” is often in the country that the supplier resides. Today you can live in the UK and provide a software solution globally and a company in Sydney could subscribe to the service coming from the UK. People don’t often spend a lot of time thinking about this however we get asked weekly from potential customers that all-important question… Where is my data stored?

We went live with visitor management software in the cloud more than 7 years ago now and initially we only had a server in Australia in Melbourne. As soon as we got our 1st USA customer we decided to put a server in the USA so that all of the data for the USA customers was kept in the USA. Along came our first Canada customer and the same thing we put in a server for Canadian customers to have all their data stored in Canada. Now USA customers have all their data stored in USA while Canadian customers have all their data stored in Canada, UK customers in the UK, Australian customers have all the data stored in Australia, New Zealand customers have all their data stored in New Zealand and so on it goes around the world. Each country we store the data on servers in the country of origin. We do have some customers using our software in countries where we have not established a server at this stage. These companies are in smaller countries that at this time don’t seem to be concerned about having the data stored on a USA server or an Australian server for companies in the Asia-Pacific. We always give the customer the choice.

Many countries are still working towards the rules around cloud software and where data should be stored. Some companies have made clear policy and insist that the data for USA companies is stored in USA, data for Australian companies is stored in Australia and so on. Next time you buy your cloud software product if it is visitor management or rostering or time and attendance make sure you ask… where is my data stored? so that you can ensure that your data is kept in the country that you want or need.

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WOL2 new features being released this Friday

We are excited to announce the following changes coming in WOL2 this weekend. This month we have moved more customers from WOL1 to WOL2. The feedback has been amazing, there are so many comments.

Custom Questions is one of our most popular features in WOL1 and will now go live in WOL2


1.  Service Provider Management

Service Provider Management

Does your organization engage with external service providers like contractors and suppliers? Do you have a regulatory obligation to account for contractors and suppliers when they are on-site? Do you spend too much time managing contractor and supplier information, insurances, access rights, safety, security, and inductions? If you answered yes to any of these questions WhosOnLocation new Service Provider management Add-on will make it easy for your organization to manage these elements of compliance.

2.  Custom Questions

Custom Questions

A new custom question editor will allow users to create a range of question types including single-choice, multi-choice, short answer free text, long answer free text, Waiver Acknowledgement, and Image acknowledgement type questions. In addition you can add a ‘Watch this Video’ element to your sign in process. The ability to capture critical information from your visitor in order to validate their rights to be on-site, as well as the ability for your organization to communicate core health and safety and security policies, will be made easy with this great new enhancement.

3.  Custom Conditional Questions

Conditional Questions

Conditional questions is a feature that changes what question or page a visitor sees next based on how they answer the current question. Conditional questions creates a custom path through the visitor sign in process that varies based on a visitor’s answers. Conditional Questions is a great way to identify visitors which may pose a risk to your organisation or may need to be managed in a certain way once on-site.

4.  Triggers

Smartphone with message bubble about new mail

Triggers take action when a ‘condition’ is created or updated. For example

  • Use a trigger to send email and/or SMS notifications when a Service Provider is still on-site after your ‘curfew’ is past.
  • Setup an alert whenever a contractor or visitor answers a specific sign in question a certain way.

5.  Maximum Occupancy Alerts

vector communication conceptual meter indicator

Set the maximum occupancy limit for your building, office, manufacturing plant etc… then set a Trigger where if the Maximum Occupancy (total employees, visitors, and contractors on-site) is reached an email and/or sms is sent to nominated recipients in your organisation to alert them to the fact the Maximum Occupancy has been reached. About WhosOnLocation WhosOnLocation is a cloud service that brings together visitor, contractor, and employee presence, induction management, identity management, and access rights control into a single integrated solution. These services enable any organisation with an obligation to protect the well-being of its employees, visitors, and contractors as well as a need to provide security for its assets and intellectual property with a robust, secure, easy to deploy, easy to use, cost effective solution.

Visitor Management visitor label printer review

While there are hundreds of printers available today for standard printing there are only a couple of visitor label printers that will produce visitor labels for your visitors when they sign in through an electronic visitor management system. Which visitor label printer should you use?

DYMO Visitor Management Label Writer 450 and 450 Dual

The DYMO visitor label printer range includes the very popular 450 and the 450 Dual. The dual Twin Turbo visitor label printer allows you to include 2 roles of labels for the busiest reception areas.

SALM450_dymo_dymo_labelwriter_450_label_printer_silver LW450TT_frontDYMO Dual


Brother Visitor Management Label Writer QL 720N

Along comes the Brother QL-710W and QL-720NW label printers which now support AirPrint.
This is the smartest looking label printer I have ever seen to produce Visitor Labels.



Comparing visitor label printers is not like comparing Google and Altavista. It’s not like comparing Gucci and Target in fact comparing visitor label printers comes down to 2 key features.

Visitor Management visitor label printing key feature 1 – Wireless Printing
Wireless printing or printing using Bluetooth technology is a feature now available in the Brother QL visitor label printer range. This feature at the time of writing this article is not available in the DYMO label printer. The Brother QL printers offer ultra-fast print speeds of up to 93 labels per minute which is perfect for groups of pre-registered visitors.

Wireless printing opens up the opportunity to use the Brother visitor label printer to print visitor labels from an iPad

Visitor Management visitor label printing key feature 2 – Auto cut off
The auto cut off feature that is in the Brother visitor label printer is gold. One of the issues that appears from time to time with the DYMO visitor label printer is that the visitor has to tear off the label and if they tear in the wrong direction the visitor label some times will not tear off correctly. The issue with the DYMO visitor label printer can be greater when used inside a visitor management kiosk.


Over the past 7 years as we have provided visitor management software all over the globe the DYMO visitor label printer has clearly been the most popular printer of choice by our customers including manufacturing, office, construction, schools, windfarms and many other types of businesses

Now that the Brother QL visitor label printer range includes wireless printing and also has the auto cut off feature it is hard to go past this printer for printing visitor labels.

Connect your DYMO or Brother visitor label printer to a visitor management system.

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Can I get a low cost Visitor Management Kiosk for my Visitor Management System?

The number one question already this year is what is the best low-cost kiosk we can use with our visitor management system. We have been asked this question by schools, individual businesses and large corporates.

Yesterday I was asked a question by another school who had recently purchased visitor management software for the reception desk then decided they wanted to have a self serve visitor kiosk. Melanie asked “what is the best low-cost kiosk to allow visitors to self serve when they arrive at the school” As we had been asked this question quite a few times over the past few weeks I decided to get the office staff to spend some time researching the best offers available on the web today.

I was amazed to find visitor management kiosks under $500.

If you are thinking about a visitor management kiosk for your business you may be interested in some of these low cost kiosks below. The links will go directly through to the stores selling the kiosks. You can contact us for any further questions or assistance.

JB HIFI Lenovo $478

Harvey Norman HP $476

Office Works HP $476

JB HIFI Dell $698


There is only one touch screen amongst this lot and it is about $200 more than the non touch but that is still awesome value.  The others all look good.

The Lenovo doesn’t include a keyboard or mouse but does have a webcam.  The Visitor Management software can take photos of visitors if you have a built in web cam. You would have to buy the keyboard and mouse separately.

I’m not sure of the features that are important to you but all of these will do the job with our visitor management software, We like a  visitor management kiosk to include at least three USB ports to allow peripheral devices to be connected like a DYMO visitor label printer, barcode scanner and RFID card scanner. All of these USB devices have a place with the visitor Management system and can be used individually or all together to help you manage your visitors, contractors and employees.  It will probably just depend on what features you want and also the price.

Here is my favorite out of this list the JB HIFI Lenovo $478

Looks very smart and awesome value

Lenovo all in one


A couple of weeks back I was asked by a customer what I thought of the Microsoft  Surface Pro, I explained how my daughter who started high school this year had a surface pro for High school and that I had used the laptop and thought it was a great unit. I think it cost around $1100 which makes it much more expensive than the kiosks above.

A few days after this the customer called me to say that their surface pro was not working with the visitor management visitor label printer. I asked a series of questions to help me understand why it would not work to discover that the surface pro had a cut down version of Windows and was sold for less than $400. What looked like a cheap surface pro turned out to be a unit that was not capable of handling the basics of visitor management. I am sure the $400 surface pro is a great unit when used for its intended purpose.

I’ve written many articles on kiosks for visitor management, kiosk that have ranged from less than $1000 to more than $15,000 for the airport style corporate self-serve visitor management kiosk You can read more here See a range of popular visitor management kiosks

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Visitor Management Systems assisting companies with Visitor compliance

Globally leading the way in Visitor Management Systems.

When a visitor signs in on your manual visitor books today they read the cleverly crafted message that was created to go onto the visitor pass, the message may not have changed in 10 years or more. As your visitor management book gets near its last pages you simply order more books.

example visitor pass

When an electronic visitor management system is implemented things change, you now have access to not only create  a new message for the visitor to read when they sign into a self serve kiosk but you could decide to change the message tomorrow. Adding to the complexity of electronic visitor rules is the ability to create one message for visitors, one message for contractors, another message for courier drivers, casual teachers, students etc. Moving to an electronic Visitor Management System gives you the ability to create communities (groups of people) which in turn allows you to create a message crafted just for that community.

So what happens when you change the message that includes the rules the visitor must read and electronic sign off as read and understood? The only way to manage any changes to the message visitors read when they sign in is to create version control.

Version control allows you to see which message a visitor read and acknowledged when they signed into your location




Health and Safety Implication and Benefit
If there is any dispute as to whether your organisation ‘communicated’ to a visitor a specific warning about a hazard on-site you can view the greeting version that the visitor ‘acknowledged’ under reporting. Providing evidence that the visitor was made aware of a specific rule or hazard.

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The number 1 communication issue for reception staff is knowing who is in and out of the building

I wrote recently about the number one issue for reception staff being communication. The number one communication issue is knowing who is in and who is out of the building. Knowing who is in the building when a visitor arrives or a telephone call comes in can save a lot of wasted time each day.

who is in who is out2

Know who is in and out of your building with Visitor Management software gives you the power to manage visitors, contractors and employees all in one place.

I speak with hundreds of reception staff, admin staff, security guards, gatehouse contractors, admin contractors who are front facing the public every day. They tell me where the most time is wasted is where they are chasing employees for visitors. Generally they first call the desk phone, when this rings out or goes to message they try the mobile, then they will call Bob who sits near John to find out where John is.

These issues and many more can be resolved with Visitor Management.

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How to create a receptionless lobby or reception area with a visitor management kiosk

What is a reception-less lobby or reception area?

Every week we are asked what is the best way to put a self-service kiosk in place for visitors to sign in alerting the host that the visitor has arrived.

To set up a self-service kiosk for your visitors, contractors or any other person that comes to your location you will need a number of things.

  • Internet, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connectivity
  • Self serve kiosk
  • optional USB barcode scanner
  • optional USB RFID reader
  • optional USB DYMO or Brother Label printer

Once a kiosk is installed connected to the Internet and you have logged in to your visitor management software visitors can start to sign in and out. As soon as the visitors start to sign in and out the host will receive an e-mail and/or SMS.

A very popular self-serve kiosk is the iPad or tablet. IPads are very popular in schools due to their low cost

ipad kiosk pole - iLocks

Businesses often choose an all in one touchscreen as a visitor management kiosk in a reception less lobby or reception area. The advantage of an all in one touchscreen over an iPad is an all in one touchscreen can include several USB ports to connect visitor label printers, barcode scanners and RFID readers

MSI Kiosk               HP ElitePad with docking station
Corporate officers may look more for the airport style self-serve kiosk where everything is built into the kiosk including wireless technology, RFID readers, barcode scanners and visitor label printers.

IQ Desk Mount - QLD Stadiums   statesuper-system-floor-mount

Self-serve visitor kiosks can be branded for your company including very clever background images on the sign in screen.

melbourne cup               guide dog kiosk

You can install multiple self serve kiosks at a single location enhancing the collection of data into a centralised database no matter how many access points you have into your location. It is common to see a kiosk at reception and a kiosk in the warehouse or factory or engineering department at the back of the building.

No matter the kiosk that you choose at your location the aim is to make the process for a visitor as easy as possible when signing in while still completing the location requirements for health and safety.

The type of information that you can collect when a visitor signs in at a self-serve kiosk includes

  • Name
  • Company
  • Name of host
  • Mobile phone number

All of this information can be reported on in the back end of the database any time in the future.

Visitor Management System helps office communication

Over the past few weeks I have been asking reception staff all over the world what is the biggest daily issue they have? Overwhelmingly the biggest issue reception staff have every day all over the world is communication.

Reception staff already have enough to deal with as the front facing person to the public. Every building you walk into to visit another person has some form of reception area from a single door that you need to knock on for small business to multiple entrance facilities for much larger businesses. You can have 10 employees or 10,000 employees. The larger the organization the larger the communication issues.

Here are just some of the comments

  • For my office and colleagues, will definitely be communication, This is a serious problem
  • Team work can be improve what we want in our office things because no body can improve with out positive team work
  • Communication, climate control
  • For letting me know when they are in or out of the office
  • I would improve on the communication between employees and the receptionists.

Reception areas I have visited include…

  • just a door
  • a doorbell and speaker
  • a doorbell and speaker then reception
  • single receptionist
  • multiple receptionist
  • guard house then a reception area
  • multiple entrances with multiple reception/security guards
  • multiple buildings campus style with multiple reception staff in multiple buildings

These buildings have had as low as 20 employees and up to thousands of employees. The larger the location, more employees the less communication I am sure. How can a company with hundreds or thousands of employees keep reception updated with who is on site and who is off site? Who is on leave and who is not on leave?

What are the communication issues reception staff face every day?

  • Visitor turns up to see an employee about an organised meeting and the employee is running late and not in the building (how much time do you waste here every day?)
  • Visitor turns up to see an employee about an organised meeting and the employee is sick or on leave
  • Visitor colds call to see an employee and you discover the employee is not in the building (how much time do you waster here every day?)
  • Telephone call comes in asking for an employee who you do not know is in or out of the building, what do you do? start with the employee desk number first, then try the mobile? then take a message? or are they on leave or sick?

Large businesses need better communication

What if you could…..

  • Type an employee name and see if the employee was on or off site
  • Type an employee name and see if they are sick or on leave
  • Type an employee name and see they are already in a meeting
  • See what visitors are due in the next hour into the building
  • See VIP visitors soon to arrive and be prepared for them

Having a visitor management system that improves office communication and helps you remove the paper visitor management book will by default also gives you excellent evacuation reporting tools in the event of an emergency.

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