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George Weston Foods expand WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor, Induction management to Tip Top Charmhaven

George Weston Foods originally started using WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management software on several AB Mauri locations in 2015, now called Mauri ANZ. This week the Tip Top brand from George Weston Foods has selected WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software starting with the Charmhaven location on the central coast of NSW.

Key for the selection of WhosOnLocation was not only the ability to assist with the presence on site of visitors and contractors but also the need for a detailed induction management module allowing for inductions to be built and managed by Tip Top staff. Inductions are required for all visitors and contractors upon entering the location.

Tip Top produce 7.8 million loaves of bread every week and 338,000 cake pieces. Famous brands include Sunblest, 9 Grain, English Muffins and Golden Crumpets. George Weston Foods also own Don KRC and Jasol.

This is a full circle story for myself after working for Tip Top many years ago including at the Gateshead location near Newcastle in 1989 when the Newcastle Earthquake struck on December 28. I also as a 16 year old worked for my father at Kelly Bakery in Orange. The picture below is after an oven break down and repair where over 72 hours all the trays of the bread oven had to be removed and the chain replaced.


I was also lucky enough to be involved in the invention of the square crumpet through Golden Crumpets in Newcastle at Broadmeadow

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WhosOnLocation Visitor Management – new features

The list of new features over the past 6 months is now amazingly long and over the past 8 years continues to see WhosOnLocation as a leader globally in the management of people presence in your building/s. Visitor Management in many instances is called upon when a building initially wants to replace a visitor book. Unknown to the management team of each building that looks to replace the visitor book is the depth of what can be done with Visitor Management software today.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software includes key modules that allow a company to manage much more than replacing the visitor books.

Visitor Management – replace your visitor management books
Pre Register visitors in advance – using your outlook or google calendar
Evacuation Management – Give your fire wardens the tools they can use
Contractor Management – Manage your suppliers from on-boarding to compliance including insurances, qualifications and more.
Asset Management – many buildings need to manage assets they issue to people and expect to be returned like keys
Photo ID cards – produce photo ID cards for employees and contractors that can be used to tap in and tap out your presence in one or across many buildings nationally or globally
Induction Management – Set up and manage unlimited online inductions for your employees and contractors.
Reports – What many companies want and need to manage the big data collected from thousands of transactions in your building/s

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The Victorian Government through the Level Crossing Removal Authority select Time & People to implement WhosOnLocation Visitor, contractor and Inudction Management software

Over the next eight years the The Victorian Government through the Level Crossing Removal Authority will oversee the removal of 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne. This process involves thousands of people over many years who will all visit the Rail Training Centre in Melbourne Victoria.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority selected Time & People to implement WhosOnLocation Visitor, contractor and Induction Management software to make sure every person on site is compliant and informed with the latest compliance information. The Level Crossing Removal Authority works with suppliers to upskill workers to complete the removal of the 50 level crossings. Each person entering the Rail Training Centre needs to be inducted prior to attending any training courses in preparation for the work at each location. Induction expiry dates and renewals will all be managed by WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor and Induction management software.

The Victorian Government allocated $2.4 billion in its 2015-16 budget to remove at least 20 level crossings by 2018. These sites form the basis of a long-term strategic plan being developed to remove all 50 level crossings by 2022.

Construction has already commenced on several sites, and planning and early consultation is underway for the delivery of the entire project.

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Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation expand WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor Management software into another location – Danebank College

Time & People over the past couple of years have made significant contributions to the school and college community with hundreds schools, colleges and universities all using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software.

Many have started with one location before expanding out to additional locations connected to the school or additional schools connected to the group of schools or colleges.

Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation had the first school go live with WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software at Thomas Hassle Anglican College at Middleton Grange in NSW. Over the past few months Shellharbour Anglican College, Nowra Anglican College and St Lukes Grammer have all come on board moving away from manual visitor and contractor books. The most recent college for Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation is Danebank College also looking to move away from manual visitor and contractor management.

Danebank like many schools and colleges also saw the benefits of the Assets Module where keys and any other asset are currently managed through notebooks or spreadsheets manually. Moving to an electronic register of assets like keys centralises all of the information from one or more key issuers.

Other schools and colleges to recently move to electronic visitor and/or contractor management include…

Wilderness School – South Australia
Knox Grammer School – NSW
Montessori School – Canberra
St Marks Catholic College NSW
Ravenswood School – Gordon NSW
Banora Point Primary School – Banora Point NSW
Sacred Heart College – WA
Rosebank College – Rosebank NSW
All Saints Anglican College QLD
Brigidine College – St Ives NSW


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2 reasons why you will use a visitor management system in 2017

While there are any number of reasons why you may consider using a visitor management software solution in your business in 2017 there are two reasons that stand out.

1/ Security
The number one reason for companies to implement a visitor management software solution in 2017 will be security. As technology continues to grow and expand bringing us new products like driver-less cars and pizza delivered by drones building security technology is also expanding. How can a visitor management software solution help you in your buildings with security?

Increasingly we are being asked by customers to only allow a visitor on site who has been approved by the host. If a visitor turns up to a location and has not been pre-registered the visitor management software can stop the visitor from gaining access. This feature that can be turned on or turned off can increase your visitor security in your buildings.

How do you know if John Smith who has just signed in on your visitor book is actually John Smith?

An example of how visitor management software could assist you to confirm that John Smith is John Smith would be the ability for the host to collect the visitor on arrival after receiving and email or SMS advising of the visitor arrival. Through a self serve kiosk the host could acknowledge the visitor is who they say they are. If you’ve never met the visitor a business card is an easy way to get some initial information about the person you are talking to, of course knowing the visitor was coming to visit you these days we can also search LinkedIn to read more about the person before we even meet.
We call this functionality host badge pass authorization. Strengthening your site security by only allowing authorized visitors to sign in to your visitor management solution. Once the host has approved the visitor attending the location only then the visitor pass will be produced, in other words no visitor can receive a visitor pass until approved by an employee in your building. Any time in the future you can review which employee approved the visitor and produced the visitor pass.

2/ Compliance
Ever since visitor management software was introduced to replace visitor management books visitor compliance went to a whole new level. Visitor management software today has many features like automatically booking a pre-registered visitor through your outlook or Google calendar. While these features make the management of visitors to your building much easier for the host/employee building security staff like facilities management are looking for more in the way of compliance.

How do you manage visitor compliance in your buildings?
The most common way for visitors to be deemed compliant his for the visitor to complete a visitor induction that can include any questions or statements that you need answered or acknowledged at your location by your visitors.

Some example questions could be……

1/ What is the purpose of your visit today
2/ What is the name of the company you work for
3/ Who is your host?
4/ In the event of an emergency would you need assistance to evacuate?
5/ How long you intend on being on site today?

Some example statements could include……

1/ Smoking is not permitted while on the grounds of this hospital
2/ Taking photos of students while on campus with a mobile phone or camera is not permitted
3/ When entering this facility you must wear safety boots please confirm you are wearing safety boots
4/ You will be asked shortly to confirm our nondisclosure agreement

The next level of compliance includes the ability to confirm drivers license, passports or any other legal document that you need confirmed on the arrival of visitors to your location. The level of compliance needed by our customers goes from 0 to 10 with zero needing no compliance at all. Powerful visitor management software solutions will assist your company regardless of size and compliance needs.

If you would like to see a demonstration of visitor management software that can help you with the security and compliance requirements of your buildings please register below for a one on one 50 minute visitor management demonstration, need an onsite meeting, please call 1300 800 077 to discuss your requirements.

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Evacuation Reporting
How do you know the names of visitors on-site at your location in the event of an evacuation? For most companies the answer to this question is we simply do not know….. If you have a list of things that you would like to achieve in 2017 add improving your evacuation processes

How do you manage your visitors at your locations?

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Visitor Management software running on a 65 inch interactive white board – say what!!

I love these stories and enjoy sharing when they happen. Up until yesterday my only experience with Interactive White Boards has been with my kids in school. The kids tell me how cool they are the I have seen them in classrooms being used.

I also have a business colleague who for many years has provided interactive whiteboards to schools all over Australia.

Yesterday I took a call from Elliot who works for Ricoh in Perth. He called with an issue where we had looked at a number of visitor management software systems only to find they only worked on iPads. Elliot had a customer quite keen to put an Interactive Whiteboard in place in the reception area to run the visitor management software for the building.

Elliot had the Ricoh IWB D6500 a 65 inch interactive whiteboard and wanted to know if our software would work on his interactive white board. I asked Elliot while on the phone could he set up a web browser on his Interactive Whiteboard, Elliot said he would set up and call back in 5 minutes.

When Elliot called back I gave instructions to log into a demonstration visitor management kiosk and of course the rest is history :)) Elliot was impressed and I asked for a picture, how could I blog about this story without a picture.


This screen makes our largest Visitor Management Kiosk :))


If you would like to know more about the 65 inch Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard you can contact Elliot at the office on 08 9347 0450 You can also read more here


If you would like to impress your customers with a visitor management system connected to a 65 inch interactive whiteboard and would like to book in a demonstration you can book in here


Liebherr USA selects Time & People to expand Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management Software into USA

Liebherr Australia selected Time & People to provide Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software across all Liebherr locations in Australia in 2014.

Liebherr Australia head office in Adelaide earlier this year had a site visit from management based out of Houston Texas and effectively they said we want what they have! Liebherr Australia are using WhosOnLocation Visitor, Contractor and Induction management software to assist with the compliance of employees, visitors and contractors across Australia on every location.

In 2016 Time & People have assisted Liebherr USA to implement locations across USA.

Carly Spong National HSE Advisor Finance and Administration has a strong focus on compliance and was part of the team that selected Time & People to provide WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor and Induction Management Software in 2014. Going forward Carly was made responsible for the implementation of all locations across Australia and has been heavily involved in centralising the companies compliance including inductions with the help of WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor and Induction Management Software.

More about Liebherr

The invention of the tower crane is synonymous with the birth of the Liebherr company. Within the first decade, the small construction firm develops into a well-established manufacturer of construction machinery and many other technologically sophisticated products.

Established as a company in Germany in 1949, Liebherr commissions the first factory abroad in the 1950s. To gain a foothold in the British and North American market, the company builds a production site in Killarney, Ireland. Initially, tower cranes are built here, followed later by container cranes, shipyard cranes and special cranes. In South Africa in the 1960s, the first company outside Europe is founded. Hans Liebherr sets the tracks for the international direction of the Group.

In 1970, Liebherr takes root on the American continent. Service as well as the proximity to local customers are important to Hans Liebherr and subsequently Liebherr-America Inc. is founded in Newport News, Virginia. The company supplies the North American market with hydraulic excavators, crawlers and wheel loaders and, in addition, represents the following areas: machine tools, material handling and aeronautical equipment.

Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd. was first incorporated as a company in 1981 and shortly after this time the new head office complex in Adelaide (South Australia) was built. Since then the company has expanded considerably with offices throughout the country. Today Liebherr-Australia Pty. Ltd. sells and supports a range of Liebherr products in Australia and New Zealand including mobile and crawler cranes, offshore cranes, deep foundation machines as well as earthmoving and mining equipment.

The Liebherr Group has grown steadily in over sixty years of corporate history. Long-term investments, organic growth and strategic enhancements to the product program have proven to be significant factors for success. Positions in traditional markets have been secured and new growth markets around the world have been tapped into. As an international group of companies, Liebherr embraces future challenges, yet remains faithful to its trusted principles as a family-run business.

Camden Council Selects Time & People’s WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software

Camden Council needed a better visitor management system, the existing electronic visitor management solution fell short of current requirements and would not be suitable for the move into the new 36 million dollar building being built for Camden Council to assist the council grow with the needs of the local community. Camden Council is one of the fastest growing councils in NSW. The new Camden Council building opens on 8th of August 2016.

Karli who headed up the project was most impressed with the additional modules available that went beyond just visitor management into other areas of the business where additional business units could use these modules to assist in areas where manual processes were still in place like the issuance of keys and other assets, contractor management is also a high priority.

Karli selected an IQ Kiosk the all in one touch screen corporate kiosk to match the new 36 million dollar building. The visitor kiosk will allow visitors to sign in, contractors, casual employees and employees can also tap in their presence on site as they arrive and leave each day. Knowing who all the people are in a building assists with the evacuation module included in the WhosOnLocation software.

Camden Council Floor-Mounted Kiosk mockup

Compliance of visitors and contractors is also a high priority with WhosOnLocation Visitor Management software assisting with visitor and contractor inductions. What is surprising is every one of these modules is included in the cost of the software, just turn on the modules you need at your location.

Camden City Council join a list of councils who have recently taken up WhosOnLocation Visitor Contractor management software including Cardinia Shire Council, Brimbank City Council, and City of Greater Dandenong.

logo  Caridinia Shire Council brimbank-logocity of greater dandenong

Camden Council is one of the fastest growing councils in NSW with approximately 110 new residents moving in every week. The Camden LGA’s population is forecast to increase from 60,000 to 275,000 over the next 30 years. Council’s focus is on the continued delivery of quality services to the community. However, as the population grows, staffing rates to deliver those services must grow with it.

Council’s current administration buildings at Narellan and Camden are nearing capacity and operating two administration buildings 5km apart is inefficient. In 2008, Council engaged independent experts to assist with the selection of the most appropriate site to accommodate the new Administration Building.

From the old



To the new


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Inductions – Why have them? How can I keep track of Inductions?

Inductions are my biggest headache…..I hear this comment every week.

Inductions have been around for a very long time. Inductions may have originally been referred to as orientations. I remember as a kid going on camp having an orientation of the location before we could go out an play. This was at a time when my father was employing staff in his welding business but never did any style of Induction, formally anyway.

Over the past 20 to 30 years inductions have become a lot more formal, it is not unusual today to start a job and one of the first things you will do is have an induction that includes company policies, walk around buildings for familiarization of the location, introductions to other employees in the building you will be working with and more.

As a contractor working on multiple locations for multiple customers you may have completed many online inductions as every location has its own style of site specific induction.

Why have inductions?

Inductions are an important part of sharing key information to any person coming onto your location. Information that is shared can include….

  • Health & safety information
  • Company videos
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Drug and alcohol polices
  • Safety information
  • and much more

I have been onto customer locations where an induction is set to be renewed every 2 years. Do you think any person today with information overload will remember 6 months later the details about your site specific induction? I know I could not remember what I did 18 months ago on a site visit to a building.

Should an Induction be renewed every 2 years or less?

I often say manual inductions were such a pain that companies set 2 years as a renewal date just so they did not have to go through the whole process again so soon. Sometimes within the 2 year period the person that set up all the inductions and processes around the inductions has actually moved on.

How can you make completing inductions easier?

With today’s technologies it has never been easier to give access to an induction. I know of three common ways that inductions are completed.

  1. Send an email to the person that needs to complete the induction and they can complete the induction off site before arriving
  2. Sit contractor or employee at a PC and complete induction onsite
  3. Send an SMS to the person that needs to complete the induction and they can complete the induction off site on their mobile phone before arriving or on arrival

Mobile Induction - 1 Mobile Induction - 2 Mobile Induction - 3 Mobile Induction - 4 Mobile Indcution - Question

Do you keep track of expired inductions or insurance policies?

Here is the kicker – If you read nothing else on this page you must read this section – Most companies we talk to actually gather all of the information to manage inductions and insurances. Most companies we talk to share with us that they just do not have the man power or systems to actually check every person coming on site to know if an induction has expired or if the companies insurance policies are up to date.

Would you like to automate these major company issues? What if you could be notified immediately when a contractor signed into your location and you were alerted to the fact that an uninsured worker was about to commence work on your site?

What if you could automatically stop the uninsured person from signing in?


What if you could receive a similar style of notice every time a worker signed in and the induction was not up to date even though 30 days prior to expiring you sent a notice asking the contractor/employee to update their induction!


What if you could automate these processes in your business?

All starting from just $20 per month per location.

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7 ways your Visitor Management software should help you!

Electronic visitor management has been around for some 20 years, cloud visitor management solutions for 9-10 years. Today I will explore 7 of the most used features in visitor management software today.


1/ Host notification
- When the visitor signs in the host can receive an email or SMS

Every time a visitor or contractor signs into your location you can ask that they select a host, once the host is selected the host will receive a message via email or SMS to advise the person has arrived. In addition to this you could also send a message to the visitor once they sign in via email or SMS that includes brief health and safety information.

2/ Visitor pass 
– includes directions and parking details to assist on arrival

Prior to a visitor signing in you can pre register the visitor in advance, doing this will allow you if you want to send an email to the visitor before they arrive that includes details about your location including the address, map, parking, wifi, local accommodation, cafes, airports and more.

3/ Employee
– Employees can sign in and out their presence on site for evacuation

Once you start to have visitors and contractors sign in and out their presence on site we often get asked how do we get employees to sign in and out their presence so the evacuation report is complete. The most common way this is done is with a data feed from an existing time and attendance system like Deputy or you can get a data feed from an access control system that is collecting employee presence data as employees arrive and leave.

Employees can also complete company inductions and track qualifications like first aid, fire warden and forklift license.

4/ Contractors
– Many companies need to manage contractors today, both temporary and long term.

Once you need to track the presence of contractors on site many common questions come up.

Common questions asked include…..

  • Can we build an induction for Contractors?
  • Can we manage Contractor qualifications?
  • Can we track insurances of the supplier like public liability?
  • Can we check Contractor hours against invoices?
  • Can a Contractor sign in with their mobile phone on a remote location?
  • Can a Contractor complete an induction on a mobile phone?
  • Can a Contractor get a message when signing in to a remote location?
  • Can we easily report on hours per month for Contractors?
  • Can we stop a Contractor signing in if an induction has expired?
  • Can we trigger a message if a contractor signs in and the induction has expired?

The answer to all of these questions is yes. If you need to manage contractors and everything is currently completed on a spreadsheet register for a demonstration and lets take a look at how we can assist

5/ Reporting
– Central to any program today that is collecting data and lots and lots of data is reporting.

Having the ability to create reports you can save as favorites automatically saves you time every week, below I will detail some of the most popular reasons customers run reports. Each report gives you the ability to customize your view adding and removing columns as required.

Reports will allow you ……

  • To know who is on site right now
  • To see a list of people from one company that have visited your location over a period of time and who they visited
  • To know how frequently suppliers are attending your locations nationally
  • To run an evacuation report
  • To see who has not completed an induction
  • To see a list of all the access control cards that have been issued and not returned.
  • To see the total hours a contractor has completed on site over the past 30 days
  • To send information to another person
  • Drill down into reports deeper using filters for any data kept

6/ Evacuation
- Central to any visitor management system is an evacuation module.

By collecting the sign in and sign out for each person on site you automatically have an evacuation report as all people sign in and sign out their presence on  and off site. You could stop in an emergency and try and print an evacuation report or you can leave the building immediately as directed and allow all fire wardens to use the evacuation app.

7/ Compliance

Compliance is the number one request from customers today, compliance of visitors with a short visitor induction, compliance for contractors including insurances and qualifications. Employee compliance managing inductions, qualifications and more.

register for a demonstration and lets take a look at how we can assist

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