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Tracking licences, qualifications and certification compliance

We do not have a day go by now where a customer is asking about tracking some sort of license, qualification or certification. Whosonlocation visitor,, contractor management software makes it really easy to manage licenses, qualifications and certifications. There are many systems on the market today to help manage licenses qualifications and certifications however very few connect the expiry of the licence, qualification or certification to the person attending a location.

Some really common examples to share that we hear are still tracked manually include….

  1. Tracking working with children qualification expiry dates for contractors and volunteers into a school
  2. Tracking drivers licence for workers who need a drivers license as part of their daily working routine
  3. Tracking first-aid  expiry dates to make sure that all the first aiders our current.
  4. Tracking the exploration of a forklift license

Imagine a world where licenses, qualifications, certifications and inductions were managed electronically!! How much would this help you


I remember writing about qualifications over one year ago when one of our corporate customers who was using our visitor management software at head office explained the situation where there were thousands of certifications that needed to be tracked. These certifications were tracked manually in the spreadsheet. You can read the story here.

The receptionist in this story got a promotion and moved out of the reception position after introducing the electronic tracking of the certifications.

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Workplace health and safety reform – how visitor management software can help

We have had a large increase in activity from New Zealand since the end of 2014. This increase can be directly linked to changes that are going to take place in 2015 connected to workplace health and safety.

Every day I am speaking with employees who are concerned about the new reforms coming towards the end of 2015. These companies are looking for ways to be more compliant. These companies are looking to provide the safest workplace.

The following information comes directly from the Ministry of business, innovation and employment website.

The Health and Safety Reform Bill has been introduced to Parliament, representing a major change to New Zealand’s health and safety system.

The Bill is part of ‘Working Safer: a blueprint for health and safety at work’ and reforms New Zealand’s health and safety system following the recommendations of the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety.

Working Safer is aimed at reducing New Zealand’s workplace injury and death toll by 25 per cent by 2020. Leadership and action from businesses, workers and Government will be needed to achieve this goal.

The Health and Safety Reform Bill will create the new Health and Safety at Work Act, replacing the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

The Health and Safety Reform Bill is currently before Parliament. The select committee considering the Bill is due to report back by 30 March 2015 and then the Bill will continue its progression through the parliamentary process. It is likely that the Bill will come into force in the second half of 2015.

There will be adequate time between when the Bill is passed and when it comes into force to make sure duty holders are aware of their responsibilities under the new law.

How do these changes impact Visitors that come to your business?

The working safer mantra is about reducing work-related fatalities and serious injury by 2020. This goal is all about saving lives and reducing serious injury that can ruin a persons life confining them to years of rehabilitation.

While the focus on the bill is about employees this bill also impacts any other person who is on your site including employees and contractors. The inquiries that started coming in at the end of 2014 and have continued strongly in 2015 are about safety of every person on site not just employees.

How can a Visitor Management System help?

A visitor management system can assist when a visitor first arrives taking the visitor through a light induction specific to your entrance to your building. For example a visitor may come through the reception area and complete a short lite induction where a contractor may go through a rear entrance and have to complete a more detailed induction.

Having your visitor, contractor complete and acknowledge and induction prior to coming onto your location gives you the ability to share health and safety information that must be read and electronically acknowledged as the person signs in.

Complaince checkup

Random Drug Testing (Kiosk View)

Could your company be more compliant?

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Visitor Management reporting helps with compliance

Visitor Management books could never give the information required to meet any compliance requirements due to the manual nature of the data collection and reporting. I have spoken to many customers who started an initial inquiry with the details of how they had to spend hours and days collating information from a visitor management sign in book only to discover they still did not comply with the compliance requirements they were asked to meet. Visitor Management books did allow a visitor after signing in to get a visitor pass that had date and time plus name of visitor and host, problem is no one ever read what was on the back of the visitor pass. I have been to businesses that not only gave me information on the visitor pass that i need to read but also gave me a 2-3 page document to read as well. Mostly these detailed visitor documents that talk about no smoking on site, stay within the yellow lines while in the factory and please wash your hands on entry to our site for example could easily be replaced with an excellent image and only a few words making the reading, understanding and acknowledging of the visitor compliance rules easier. Today with electronic visitor management systems you can easily give visitors an excellent self check in procedure that will fit in with your visitor compliance rules using a few well built images along with some very specific key words. I wrote an article recently that spoke about the visitor induction process, you can read more here

Speaking with hundreds of customers every month compliance issues from location to location can vary. The most common 6 ways electronic Visitor Management reporting can help your company with compliance are…

  1. Evacuation management compliance
  2. Health & safety compliance
  3. Reporting compliance
  4. Visitor compliance
  5. Contractor compliance
  6. Induction compliance

Some recent examples of compliance requirements include… 1/ Evacuation compliance is the number 1 reason customers start looking for Visitor management systems. Many customers need evacuation management compliance for employees, visitors and contractors, in fact any person who enters your location including courier drivers delivering parcels, parents entering schools the list is endless. We need every single one of these people captured for the purpose of producing an evacuation report in the event of an emergency. 2/ Health & Safety Compliance can start with visitors on site and can include a mini induction that includes statements like…

  • No smoking on site
  • Please wash your hands on entry
  • Please report all hazards while on site

We can also ask questions when a visitor signs into your location for example….

  • Did you injure yourself while on our location?
  • have you been to an African country in the past 28 days?
  • Did you give your security pass back to the security guard?

3/ Reporting Compliance – A construction site had to produce a compliance report showing the total head count on site breaking down visitors, employees and contractors each day. The data collected was over 15 months and included a spreadsheet that was 3mb in size with over 24,000 rows of data. Providing this information to the spreadsheet guru allowed the data to be extracted exactly as requested meeting daily head count compliance. How do you currently keep track of your compliance requirements? Manually? book a demonstration and let me walk you through how Visitor Management software can help you with your visitors or contractors or both improving your compliance obligations. Reporting on the data collected over time is what we need for compliance, graphical reports are excellent but the detail behind the report is crucial for compliance. monthly visitors Daily Visitors hourly visitors Drill down to the detail, this is where compliance can be measured.  Detailed report How do you currently keep track of your compliance requirements? Manually? book a demonstration and let me walk you through how Visitor Management software can help you with your visitors or contractors or both improving your compliance obligations. Like what you see already – Try Visitor Management for free image for 30 days