Contractor Management On Demand

New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada

Contractor management in conjunction with visitor management along with staff, employees, couriers and any other person who visits your buildings or sites around the country should be recorded as they enter your buildings.

With regular contractor management systems like manual visitor books, it's hard enough tracking visitor and contractor presence on location, let alone working out who their host is, if they are overdue, and if they have left the location. Manual visitor management systems require your reception team or gate keeper to decipher sign-in books, often with multiple, inaccurate and illegible entries. Then spend hours building a spreadsheet in order to create the report. Furthermore manual systems allow other visitors to view previous visit entries by other visitors, potentially breaching privacy rules.

Meanwhile few PC and server contractor management systems support the ability for you to manage visitor, contractor and staff presence – in the one solution. Many organisations use visitor systems for visitors, contractor sign-in books for contractors, and staff ‘I am out of the office until....’ boards to manage staff presence. In reality if you need to know who is on location, in real-time, wouldn’t be useful if you could identify not only the visitors that are onsite but also contractors, employees, staff, courier drivers and more.

Managing the health and safety of your contractors, visitors, staff, employees and more has never been easier. Knowing where all people visiting your sites across the country are has never been more important.

Customers from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England, USA and Canada have started using Visitor Contractor Management on demand. These are the services being offered by this system:

  • Manage Contractors, expiry dates, licences, insurance policies and more
  • Contractor compliance management
  • Integrate with Turnstiles, Boom Gates and Access Points
  • Report easily with visual and detailed reporting
  • Manage contractors across multiple locations
  • Mobile photo ID confirmation of contractors - on the spot!
  • Advanced emergency evacuation tools
  • Unlimited users, unlimited contractors, unlimited staff, unlimited kiosks
  • Upgrade to include Induction Module

Contractor Management Kiosks

You can use any existing PC or laptop in your business as a contractor management kiosk or we can build a purpose built kiosk. See some examples from the link below Click through to see customer Kiosk examples

Some of our recent Customers...
Visitor and Contractor Management Clients